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First All-Female Spacewalk Scheduled For March 29th
History will be made on March 29th, 2019 as that’s when the first all-female spacewalk will take place. This is the first time, after decades of human spaceflight, that an all-female crew will venture outside the International Space Station for a mission. However, the formation of this crew wasn’t intentional.

Leaking Toilet Makes Life Difficult For Space Station Crew
You can imagine that living on the International Space Station is not exactly a walk in the park. You’re sharing tiny spaces with other astronauts, supplies are limited, and there’s no gravity. The last thing you’d want is a leaking toilet but that’s something that the crew has now had to put up with as well.

Glitch Causes Computer Malfunction On The International Space Station
A computer on the International Space Station has malfunctioned. Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, has confirmed that one of the computers on the ISS has malfunctioned because of a glitch. The agency also confirmed that this malfunction poses no risk to the crew that’s currently onboard the International Space Station.

Russian Spacecraft Sets New Record For Fastest Trip To Space Station
A Russian spacecraft has set a new record for the fastest trip to the International Space Station. It took the unmanned Progress spacecraft less than four hours to dock at the space station after launch. The spacecraft was on a mission to deliver food, fuel, and other supplies to the International Space Station.


Trump Administration Thinking About Privatizing International Space Station
It was reported last year that the International Space Station could be decommissioned by 2024 but if a new report is to be believed, that might not happen. That’s because the Trump administration is now believed to be thinking about privatizing the massive international experiment that orbits the planet. The administration is now mulling the idea of handing over the International Space Station to the private industry.

Russia Wants To Build A Space Station Hotel
Multiple private space companies based in the United States are working on projects which will enable space tourism. Those tourists won’t be able to stay in space for long, though, unless they opt for what the Russians seem to be planning. Russian space corporation Roscosmos has proposed building a hotel on the International Space Station.

Explore The International Space Station With Google Street View
There are countless destinations in this world that you can explore with Google Street View, but what about destinations outside this globe of ours? Google Street View now makes it possible to take a tour of the International Space Station from the comfort of our sofas. This is the first time that Street View is covering a destination in space and it’s a glorious one.

ISS Astronauts Will Give You Mannequin Challenge Goals
If there’s one thing we need to leave behind in 2016, it’s the Mannequin Challenge. Just like a certain gorilla, this trend has been beaten to death by everybody from your neighbor down the street to even Hillary Clinton during the presidential race. That’s why there’s all the more reason to watch astronauts aboard the International Space Station share their take on the Mannequin Challenge with us, and as you […]

First Flower Has Been Grown On The International Space Station
Many of us are curious to know if there’s life in the universe beyond our planet and now there is, even though it’s not on a planet and exists in a controller environment, it’s a significant milestone nonetheless. Astronaut Scott Kelly has been able to successfully grow the first flower aboard the International Space Station, it also happens to be the first flower grown in space, at least of what […]

Astronaut Dials Wrong Number, Explains It Wasn't A Prank Call
We have all made a prank call or two back in the day when antics like ringing someone’s doorbell and then taking off felt like the epitome of bravery. It’s hard to indulge in such foolishness now but as humans we are always prone to error, as British astronaut Tim Peake rediscovered after he accidentally dialed the wrong number from the International Space Station. He meant to call his family, as […]

Three-Man Crew Lifts Off For The International Space Station
It has been a while since there was a crewed mission to the International Space Station, today a Russian Soyuz rocket has lifted off a three-man international crew to the International Space Station. The crew includes Tim Peake who happens to be the first official astronaut from the United Kingdom. The mission blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Cygnus Spacecraft Launch Captured In 4K
Earlier this week private space company Orbital ATK launched its first mission after one of its rockets exploded seconds after launch last year in October. The Cygnus spacecraft launched successfully this time around and delivered some 7000 pounds worth of supplies to astronauts aboard the International Space Station. NASA did us all a huge favor and recorded the launch in 4K so that we can watch the glorious proceedings in super […]

NASA Is Going To "Move Out" Of The International Space Station
A big question mark hangs over the fate of the International Space Station, a collective effort between space agencies of countries like United States, Russia, Canada, Japan and others. NASA has not yet confirmed if it’s going to fund the current one beyond 2024 let alone say that it’s going to participate in efforts to build a new one. The agency has given its biggest hint yet that makes it […]

How Thanksgiving Is Spent Aboard The International Space Station
Thanksgiving is that time of the year when people gather friends and family around a big table to enjoy a hearty meal and each other’s company. That’s really how most people spend Thanksgiving here on Earth, but what if you’re not on Earth? NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station have beamed down a video which gives us a glimpse at how the brave souls up there spend Thanksgiving.