Many of us are curious to know if there’s life in the universe beyond our planet and now there is, even though it’s not on a planet and exists in a controller environment, it’s a significant milestone nonetheless. Astronaut Scott Kelly has been able to successfully grow the first flower aboard the International Space Station, it also happens to be the first flower grown in space, at least of what we know of space so far. Who knows if there’s a planet out there full of greenery.


Scott Kelly took to Twitter to announce his massive achievement, “First ever flower grown in space makes its debut!” he wrote, pointing towards the fact that “Yes, there are other life forms in space!” Clearly he’s excited about it all.

The orange zinnia, that’s the flower that Astronaut Kelly has grown on the International Space Station, is quite common in the south west of the United States. This particular one has been grown and it has bloomed entirely on the station.

The crew onboard the International Space Station has previously been able to grow and eat lettuce in space however this is the first time that an actual flower has been grown there, so it really is a pretty big deal.

Zinnia plant itself is inedible but it was chosen because of its properties. The valuable learning experience that this has proven to be for everybody involved could eventually help in growing fruits in vegetables in space, which in turn will have important effects on the future of space travel.

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