Thanksgiving is that time of the year when people gather friends and family around a big table to enjoy a hearty meal and each other’s company. That’s really how most people spend Thanksgiving here on Earth, but what if you’re not on Earth? NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station have beamed down a video which gives us a glimpse at how the brave souls up there spend Thanksgiving.


The video features NASA astronauts Scott Kelly, who is approaching the end of his year-long mission, and Kjell Lindgren. In the video they tell us what they’re thankful for and even show us how they consume their holiday feast in zero gravity.

NASA astronauts will be taking the day off from their research activities and will be sharing the Thanksgiving meal with their companions aboard the International Space Station which include Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui and Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko, Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Volkov

Once they are done with their meal the astronauts will take the rest of the day off to just relax and maybe catch a football game, it’s only going to be the NASA astronauts that kick back on Thanksgiving, the Russian cosmonauts will go back to their work after the meal.

Do watch the video, to say that it’s interesting would be an understatement.

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