If there’s one thing we need to leave behind in 2016, it’s the Mannequin Challenge. Just like a certain gorilla, this trend has been beaten to death by everybody from your neighbor down the street to even Hillary Clinton during the presidential race. That’s why there’s all the more reason to watch astronauts aboard the International Space Station share their take on the Mannequin Challenge with us, and as you can imagine, there’s no topping it.


As the name suggests, the entire idea behind this challenge is to stay rigid like a mannequin while Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” plays in the background, yes, that’s what the Mannequin Challenge song is called.

The video of ISS astronauts taking on the Mannequin Challenge was posted by Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut who’s currently serving on a mission aboard the International Space Station. The video shows five of the six ISS crew members taking part in this challenge.

It’s pretty easy to do the challenge when your feet are firmly planted on the ground and gravity is working in your favor. It gets considerably more complicated when trying to do it in a tube that’s flying in space at an incredible speed with no gravity to keep them planted.

The astronauts have literally taken the Mannequin Challenge out of this world, let’s hope it stays there.

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