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Invisiplug Helps Hide Your Power Strip With Wood Grain Patterns
One of the biggest challenges any adult can face in their lifetime is how best to hide their power strips that they have sprinkled all over their home. Being able to suck power out of your wall for more than just two devices is a necessity these days, but power strips can certainly be an eye sore, especially if you have hardwood floors. We guess that’s why the Invisiplug was […]

Invisible Secret Door Lets You In Your Home If You've Been Locked Out
Stepping outside of your home without your keys can be an incredibly humbling experience, especially if you stepped outside for a moment in your underwear to pick up your mail. You can have a backup key stashed away somewhere in your yard, but leaving a key to your home around isn’t technically the safest option. What you need is an invisible door.YouTube user oggfaba uploaded a video a few weeks […]

Invisibility cloak relies on graphene in list of ingredients
You can either be as fast as Flash to get around without your enemies seeing you, feeling a gust of wind instead, or have some sort of magical cloak that renders you invisible to those around – the latter is far more exciting, since you can be a voyeur as long as you don’t end up sneezing or coughing to give your position away. Well, the realm of fantasy or […]

Infrared paintings that can only be seen through a digital camera
Two Toronto-based artists have come up with a new way to express art on canvas. Their new series of paintings called Take a Picture might look like a series of blank canvases to the naked eye, but when you pull out your camera and look at the canvases through its screen, you’ll find out that they aren’t so blank after all. Trickey? Or Technology? Well, the artists explained how their […]


Wars may be fought with invisible tanks in the future
The British military scientists have been working on a new technology called “e-camouflage” which uses e-ink to make tanks turn invisible. Highly advanced sensors attached on the outside of the tank will project images of the surrounding environment back onto the outside of the vehicle, effectively turning it into part of the landscape, which is pretty much invisible from far – unless of course somebody hears the tanks rumbling, or […]

Mouseless Invisible Mouse
Can’t see the mouse in the video? Why, that’s because it’s an invisible mouse (of sorts), dubbed Mouseless. The folks over at Fluid Interfaces Group, MIT Media Lab, have come up with a setup that uses an IR camera and IR laser to determine the position of your hand and detect clicks, essentially turning your hand into the mouse itself. The best part of this project is that the total […]

Invisible dress could be the future
Check out what a budding team of students at the Shih-Chien University in Taiwan, have come up with – an invisible dress. The dress itself is made of a fully textile-based dispaly, where the back of it will hold an integrated camera. Whenever the camera is activated, it will check out just what’s happening at the wearer’s back, feeding such information to the textile-based display so that someone in front […]