Stepping outside of your home without your keys can be an incredibly humbling experience, especially if you stepped outside for a moment in your underwear to pick up your mail. You can have a backup key stashed away somewhere in your yard, but leaving a key to your home around isn’t technically the safest option. What you need is an invisible door.


YouTube user oggfaba uploaded a video a few weeks ago that shows a home mod that allows anyone who knows how to access it and instant entrance into his home. The secret door that was created blends perfectly to the outside of the house, which has a valve attached to it, which we would assume is to help find its exactly location easily.

Seeing how the secret door would lose its secrecy after publishing his video on YouTube, oggfaba installed a remote controlled deadbolt in order to keep it secure from anyone who happens to stumble onto his house. Although, if you’re thinking of installing an invisible door in your home, you probably won’t need to install one as long as you can keep your yap shut about it.

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