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ION Audio announces Vinyl Forever conversion system
[CES 2012] They say that listening to a vinyl can’t be beat – after all, the sound is much “warmer” compared to the digital music that we all have come to know and love. Just in case you happen to be a mad music fan with plenty of vinyls in your collection (and some handed down to you by your grandfather), you might want to check out what ION Audio […]

ION Audio Phone Station Plus
[CES 2012] If you are a busy person who has plenty of clients to attend to each day, especially over the phone, then surely you are no stranger to conference calls. While most conference call systems work just fine as they are, ION Audio intends to bring it up a notch with the Phone Station Plus. I do admit that in theory, it does sound quite impressive, but how many […]

ION Audio Guitarlink Air lets you relive those rock god moments
[CES 2012] Think you have it in you to be among the best, most legendary guitarists? Sometimes our minds lead us to believe impossible things, but it is always noble to have a goal to strive towards to, and ION Audio might just help you on your way to guitar superstardom with the Guitarlink Air. This system lets you hook up a guitar sans wires to a computer, iPad or […]

ION Audio Road Rocker
[CES 2012] ION Audio has introduced their latest ultra-compact speaker system that will target iOS devices, microphones and instruments as well as other Bluetooth music players. What makes the Road Rocker so special? For starters, it is compact enough to see action just about anywhere, although do bear in mind that this is not waterproof in any way, so you might think twice about bringing it camping with you if […]


iCade goes through FCC testing
Walking through the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2011 earlier this year, we managed to spot something that would turn your gaming experience on the iPad even more immersive – the iCade arcade cabinet from Ion Audio. While there was no definite release date back then, here we are with a glimpse of it under the FCC’s microscope, which means it is being prepared for a […]

Ion Audio Concert Piano docks your iPad comfortably
Add this to the iPad’s growing list of versatile application in the real world – functioning as a unique tuition teacher for those who want to learn how to play the piano. Also known as the Ion Audio Concert Piano, this 88-key device will ship with an iPad app that will help you achieve your dream of playing the piano, although how fast you pick it up is entirely up […]

iCADE is now a reality
[CES 2011] Guess dreams do come true after all for some people, right? What was originally a prank idea has been turned into reality, thanks to the people at Ion. We’re talking about the iCADE arcade cabinet that will specially house the iPad, turning it into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with the usual joystick and eight arcade buttons to have you gaming almost right out of the box. Hopefully […]