[CES 2012] They say that listening to a vinyl can’t be beat – after all, the sound is much “warmer” compared to the digital music that we all have come to know and love. Just in case you happen to be a mad music fan with plenty of vinyls in your collection (and some handed down to you by your grandfather), you might want to check out what ION Audio has for you in the form of the Vinyl Forever – a compact vinyl conversion system. Vinyl Forever’s mission, should it choose to accept it, would be to bring records in addition to any record player straight into the future. You can connect the Vinyl Forever to a turntable or tape deck via standard RCA stereo cables, while the other side will hook up to a user’s computer via USB so that you can transform just about any music collection into the digital format for playback on today’s modern devices.

The design of the Vinyl Forever does pay homage to the record players of old without looking too rustic, and it is portable enough to fit into the palm of your hand – now isn’t that a miracle in miniaturization? Connectivity options include RCA inputs with a line/phono selector and volume control, a USB output, and a headphone jack. Each $34.99 purchase will come with the EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software for a quick and painless conversion process.

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