[CES 2012] If you are a busy person who has plenty of clients to attend to each day, especially over the phone, then surely you are no stranger to conference calls. While most conference call systems work just fine as they are, ION Audio intends to bring it up a notch with the Phone Station Plus. I do admit that in theory, it does sound quite impressive, but how many companies or organizations will actually replace what they currently use with this? This desktop speakerphone enhances intends to increase the quality of conference calls and music playback where Bluetooth-enabled smartphones are concerned.

The Phone Station Plus will enhance the audio from your Bluetooth-equipped smartphone, where its compact size belies its ability to deliver superior audio quality with intuitive controls to get even the most technologically backward office staff up and running without disturbing the IT support guy. When your phone is connected to the Phone Station Plus, it can also function as a speaker to handle your favorite tunes, while a built-in FM radio is there just in case you get bored of your playlist. ION Audio offers the Phone Station Plus for $99.99 as they prep it for a release sometime this year.

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