[CES 2012] Think you have it in you to be among the best, most legendary guitarists? Sometimes our minds lead us to believe impossible things, but it is always noble to have a goal to strive towards to, and ION Audio might just help you on your way to guitar superstardom with the Guitarlink Air. This system lets you hook up a guitar sans wires to a computer, iPad or iPhone, letting you kiss goodbye to cables. To enhance the strumming experience, there is also a free Guitar Rig LE software thrown into the mix that will shape guitar sounds with emulations of classic amplifiers and effects pedals. Want to record an impromptu performance? That is not a problem with Guitar Rig, where you can export them to your favorite recording software after that.

It is said that the wireless performance works flawlessly, courtesy of Guitarlink Air’s high performance, low-latency technology. Nice to know the included transmitter is a peach to tote around, being compact and lightweight in build, and can be clipped to your guitar strap for hours on end for uninterrupted play. All output will be transmitted using ION’s exclusive, ultra-fast, low latency wireless signal. No word on pricing, but it ought to be out sometime in the second quarter of the year.

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