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AirPlay 2 Removed From Latest iOS 11.3 Beta
One of the features of the HomePod is its ability to daisy chain with another HomePod, resulting in a stereo set of speakers. However this functionality has yet to be included as it is basically waiting on AirPlay 2 to be ready in order for this to work. It was expected that AirPlay 2 would arrive in iOS 11.3, but it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

iOS 11.2.6 Released With Fix For iPhone Crashing Character Bug
Recently it was discovered that a single character from the Telugu language when sent in iOS can cause the iPhone to crash. Now some had assumed that the fix for this problem would arrive in iOS 11.3, but Apple reassured users that it would arrive much sooner, and sure enough it has.

New iPhone Apps Required To Support The iPhone X’s Display
When the iPhone 5 was first released, it took a while before apps were updated to fit its larger display, and the same was the case with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, so as you can imagine, this is a similar situation the iPhone X is facing at the moment. Unsurprisingly Apple wants to change that with an updated policy.

Apple Promises To Fix Latest iPhone Crash Bug Before iOS 11.3
We picked up on a report earlier today about a new bug in iOS 11.2 that’s making iPhones crash and even disabling access to apps like iMessages and WhatsApp. Bugs have been causing a lot of headaches recently for iOS device users and the latest one just makes matters worse. The good thing is that Apple has promised to release a fix for the latest iPhone crash bug before iOS […]


New iOS Bug Crashes iPhones And Disables Access To Apps
If you thought that Apple’s software troubles with iOS were finished after some bugs were squashed recently, think again. A new iOS bug has been discovered which not only crashes iPhones but also disables access to the native Messages app as well as third-party messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It even disables access to apps like Gmail and Outlook for iOS.

Benchmarks Prove iOS 11.3 Will Restore Performance On Older iPhones
According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, he promised that a future iOS update would allow users to disable the throttling of their phones and restore it back to its former performance levels. For those wondering if these claims are true, iHelpBR’s Filipe Esposito ran some benchmarks which proved to be accurate.

Latest iOS 11.3 Beta Introduces ‘Battery Health’ Feature
When Apple acknowledged that they were indeed slowing down older iPhones with degrading batteries, alongside the discounted battery replacements, Apple also announced that they will be introducing a new feature in iOS that would provide users with more transparency regarding the health of their batteries.

iOS 11.3 Will Allow Face ID To Approve Family Purchases
While the removal of Touch ID on the iPhone X was a gamble, it sort of paid off as Face ID certainly does work as advertised, at least for the most part. However it also created some inconveniences, such as not being able to approve family purchases which meant that users had to keep entering their passwords.

iOS 11.3 Will See The Inclusion Of Advanced Mobile Location Feature
Last year Apple was urged to include a feature in iOS called Advanced Mobile Location (AML). For those unfamiliar, this is a feature that creates a more accurate pinpoint location of the user. Given that sometimes GPS can be a bit hit or miss and not 100% accurate, this feature will come in handy in situations of emergency.

iOS 11.3 Beta References ‘Modern iPad’
Right now Apple’s iPad lineup consists of the iPad mini, the iPad, and the iPad Pro. However could there be a new iPad in the works? According to a recent tweet by the editor of iHelpBR Filipe Esposito, there were some clues found inside of the beta of iOS 11.3 that seems to suggest that there could be a new iPad in the works.

iOS 11.3 Comes With A New Privacy Icon That Keeps Users Informed
Some apps collect information on us and sometimes we don’t really know what it’s for. However in a bid to be as transparent as possible to its users, it seems that Apple is introducing a new privacy icon for iOS devices that lets users know when personal information about them is being collected.

iOS 11.2.5 Released With HomePod Support
Apple has recently confirmed that the HomePod smart speakers will be launched on the 9th of February, which means that there is a couple of weeks to go before it is available to the masses. Unsurprisingly Apple is getting its users ready for the speakers with the release of iOS 11.2.5.

iOS 11 Installed On 65% Of All Compatible Devices
Back in December 2017, it was revealed that the percentage of iOS devices running on iOS 11 was at 59%. However it seems that the number has since increased in the month of January, at least according to Apple’s Developer Support page in which they have revealed that iOS 11 is now installed on 65% of all compatible devices.

iPhones Reportedly See A Performance Hit After Applying Spectre Patch
As you might have heard, Apple has come under fire in recent times over their recent admission that they slow down older iPhones with degrading batteries. Now it looks like iPhones have been slowed down even further, although in this case it might not necessarily be Apple’s fault, at least not entirely.