When it comes to the chipsets used in Apple’s iPads, what we’ve seen is that Apple usually uses a variant of its A-series chipsets. This is usually based on the current-gen A-series but with some additional cores unlocked or a slight speed boost. However, this year’s iPad refresh could be rather exciting.

This is because it has been discovered within the iOS 14.5 beta that there is reference to a 13G GPU. This is interesting because this is a designation that has not been used before for Apple’s A-series chipset, although many do speculate that this could be a variant of the A14 chipset that was introduced to the iPhone 12 last year.

However, it seems that the A14X could actually  be based on the T8103 chipset, also known as the M1. We have heard rumors that Apple could be looking to use the M1, or at least variants of it, for future iPads, and this seems to have confirmed that. While Apple has in the past denied plans to unify its macOS and iOS platforms, what we’re starting to see here is cross-platform compatibility.

This means that it is possible that this iPad Pro refresh with the new chipset could eventually run apps designed for the M1, while also being able to run iOS apps, thus opening the door for  more possibilities in terms of its usage.

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