Last year, it was discovered that with the newer iPad Pro models, Apple introduced a privacy feature for the tablet’s microphone where when the cover of the iPad Pro’s case was closed, it would disconnect the microphone. The idea is that it would prevent any potential issues where the microphone could be hijacked and used to spy on users without their knowledge.

Now according to the latest beta of iOS 14.5, Apple will be expanding on that feature to cover non-Pro iPad models as well. This includes the 8th-gen iPad and the 4th-gen iPad Air, as well as the 11-inch 2nd-gen iPad Pro. Oddly enough there is no mention of whether or not the 2018 iPad Pro is being covered.

It should be noted that this will require users to have a compatible case, which in this instance is Apple’s very own Smart Folio cases. This means that for those using third-party cases, this feature might not be supported so you may have to purchase one of the Smart Folio cases if you want to take advantage of this feature.

The disconnection of the microphone actually first made its appearance in the 2018 Macbooks before Apple introduced it to the 2020 iPad Pro. In addition to disconnecting to the microphone, Apple has also introduced indicators in iOS to let users know when their device’s cameras or microphones are in use.

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