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iOS 8.1.1 Update Improves Performance On Old Devices
We had been hearing that Apple was working on a new incremental software update for iOS and today it has finally landed. A few moments back Apple started rolling out iOS 8.1.1 for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. The new software brings a host of performance improvements and bug fixes which will certainly make it worth your while if you jump on iOS 8.1.1 as quickly as it […]

Grammar Correcting Ginger Keyboard Makes Its Way Onto iOS
Ginger, for those unfamiliar, is a piece of software that allows users to check their spelling and grammar within the browser itself. What this means is that if English isn’t your strong suit or if you’re trying to fire off an email or document to someone important and want to sound good, this is one way you can check your grammar before hitting that “send” button.

iOS 8's Adoption Is Now Sitting At 56%
When iOS 7 was released, there was a mad rush to get the update. This was a major update in terms of features and visuals as it basically added completely new graphics to the iOS system, which prior to that only received minor visual updates every now and then. iOS 8 on the other hand while featuring major new features of its own, did not appear to be too compelling.Initial […]

Relive The T9 Keyboard Days With Type Nine For iOS
With the release of iOS 8, Apple finally allowed users to install third-party keyboards on their devices, and because of that we’ve seen the likes of Swype, SwiftKey, and Fleksy make their way into the iTunes App Store. Now for those of you who grew up around smartphones and are familiar with the QWERTY keyboard layout, you might not know that back in the day, we didn’t have such luxuries.In […]


Pangu iOS 8 Untethered Jailbreak Tool For Mac Released
If you follow jailbreak news then you might know about Pangu. This jailbreak tool is developed by a Chinese team of the same name. It is the only solution available to the public right now for jailbreaking iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 on all supported devices, which includes the new iPhones and new iPads. Initially the tool was only available for Windows but today the team has finally released the […]

Swype For iOS 8 Understands More Languages, Gives Emoji Suggestions
When it comes to a virtual keyboard, there are times when I am quite sure some of us would prefer to revert to the physical keyboard – especially during moments when we need to type out a message while being occupied with something else (driving would come to mind most of the time – one of those rules in life that we break without thinking too much about the consequences), […]

Google News & Weather For iOS Updated With News Widget Functionality
With iOS 8, Apple finally brought widgets onto iOS which can be accessed by swiping down on your screen and opening Notification Center. There are a few different widgets you can choose from and if you’re the type that likes to see what news is hot, you might want to get your hands on the updated Google News & Weather app. The app was released last month but it has […]

Apple Has A Change Of Heart About Calculator Widgets
According to a report earlier today, it seemed that Apple has decided to disallow the inclusion of calculators in its widgets area. Apparently this goes against one of Apple’s policies that states that Notification Center widgets are not allowed to perform calculations. Developer James Thomson was asked to remove his PCalc widget as it was one of the apps that violated the alleged terms.Well it looks like Apple has since […]

Apple Exec Explains What Caused The Buggy iOS 8.0.1 Update
It didn’t take long for social media to become abuzz with complaints from users who saw cell reception on their devices being killed after they updated software to iOS 8.0.1. It was over a month ago when Apple released the incremental iOS 8.0.1 update and yet it had to be pulled shortly after because of all the bugs that had come out in the public. An Apple executive has now […]

iOS 8 Adoption Sees An Increase Post-iOS 8.1
When iOS 7 was announced, many rushed to get the latest update on their phone. This was after all one of the biggest visual changes Apple has made to the iOS platform over the years, so safe to say that many were curious. Unfortunately the reception to iOS 8 wasn’t as overwhelming.It was found that iOS 8’s adoption out the door was noticeably slower compared to iOS 7, although the […]

Apple Clarifies Spotlight's Data Collection Practices
In Apple’s new software releases the Spotlight feature has been radically improved. On OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 it can be used for local file search, online search, and pulling information from a variety of online sources. Recently a report was published online detailing alleged data collection practices of Spotlight and the picture this report painted was quite troubling. Fortunately Apple has come out of a clarification.

Fitbit Holding Off On iOS 8 Health App Integration
Fitbit is a company that makes wearable devices and applications focused towards people who want to track their health and fitness throughout the data. Many companies that make similar products went straight for integration with the new Health app in iOS 8. Its a one stop destination for all health and fitness related data collected through different apps which feed it directly into the native iOS 8 application. Fitbit has […]

iOS 8's Adoption Rate Seems To Have Stagnated
When iOS 7 was launched, it was met with some criticisms by those who didn’t really like the design. However preference for aesthetics aside, it was a good update and introduced a host of new features to the iOS platform. It was also adopted at a fairly fast rate, which unfortunately cannot be said about iOS 8.According to earlier reports, iOS 8’s adoption appeared to be slower than iOS 7, […]

Some Developers Not Pleased With iOS 8's Privacy Notifications
Privacy is a big issue amongst consumers and in the past, companies like Apple have found themselves in a spot of legal trouble over the issue of location tracking. However since then, companies like Apple and Google have worked to make their practices more transparent by notifying users when they are being tracked and asking for permission.However it seems that in the process of pandering to its users, Apple could […]