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iOS 8.3 Introduces Huge Improvement To Apple’s Keyboard
For those who have been typing on Apple’s keyboard on their iOS device, you guys might now and then end up typing searches with an extra “.”. For example your search queries could “” thanks to the size and close proximity of the fullstop next to the space bar. It can be very annoying and frustrating as expressed by many users.The good news is that with iOS 8.3, it looks […]

iOS 8 Adoption Hits 75%
iOS 8’s adoption is on the rise albeit slowly. Last month we had heard that iOS 8 was sitting at the 72% mark and according to the latest figures, it seems that the number has since risen to 75% in March 2015. Granted the 3% jump is a bit small but it shows that iOS 8’s adoption is on the slow and steady rise.As for older iOS builds, it looks […]

Video Shows iOS 8’s Slugginess Versus iOS 3
Earlier builds of iOS were often compared to that of earlier Android builds where they seemed faster and more responsive. However Android has since managed to catch up but could the same be said for iOS? While iOS 8 is Apple’s latest operating system, it seems that it is actually slower than earlier builds of iOS.Omni developer William Van Hecke has recently put together a video in which iOS 8 […]

Apple Named Second Most Innovative Company In The World
Whether you agree or disagree with the consensus, “innovative” is usually a word used when describing Apple, and it seems that in this year’s Fast Company’s The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, Apple has managed to place 2nd which is actually pretty impressive considering that last year Apple was in the 14th spot.So why has Fast Company deemed Apple worthy of its number two spot? It seems that the improvements […]


iOS 8.1.2 Not Being Signed Any More
It looks like the non-stop game of cat-and-mouse between developers as well as Apple has continued to rage on, where Cupertino has already stopped signing the iOS 8.1.2 firmware. In other words, the option to jailbreak the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and all other iOS devices which have been chugging along to iOS 8.x is now closed.

iOS 8.4 Could Introduce Apple's New Music Service [Rumor]
As some of you guys might have read by now, iOS 9 is said to be focusing on under the hood improvements to the operating system, which could also mean that newer features and services might see an earlier or later release instead. However thankfully it seems that it could be earlier, according to a  report from 9to5Mac.

Twitter Blames iOS 8 For "Losing" Them 4 Million Users
iOS 8 is currently Apple’s latest operating system. It brought about a host of changes, new features, improvements, and whatnot to iOS devices, but as it turns out it also cost Twitter 4 million users. During Twitter’s earnings call for the Q4 2014 quarter, the company noted that they had lost an estimated 4 million net users.The social media platform also blamed iOS 8 for costing them those 4 million […]

iOS 8 Adoption Jumps To 72% In February
While iOS 8 might not have been the operating system that everyone rushed to get upon its release, it seems that it is slowly climbing up in terms of adoption. According to the latest numbers released by Apple, iOS 8’s adoption is currently sitting at 72% which is actually a pretty nice jump from earlier.Towards the third week of January, we found that iOS 8 only climbed 1% which put […]

iOS 8 Market Share Climbs By 1% To 69%
iOS 8’s adoption right out of the door and the subsequent months have been rather slow. In fact earlier this month iOS 8 was sitting at 68% and the latest reports have revealed that it has only managed to climb by 1% in the past few weeks, effectively bringing its overall market share amongst iOS devices to 69%.This is compared to the likes of iOS 7 where prior to the […]

Next iOS 8 Update Rumored For Release Next Week
Back in December, Apple released iOS 8.1.2 for iOS devices. This is an update that came with the usual bug fixes and improvements, although if there was one area that the update didn’t address, it was the fact that it did not seem to address any of the battery woes from before. We had heard that iOS 8.1.3 was in the works, and it looks like it could be released […]

iOS 8 Adoption Climbs To 68%
Apple has never really had much of a problem with iOS’ adoption rate. This is thanks to the fact that when Apple releases an update, pretty much every iOS users will be able to download and update their devices regardless of whether they are tied to a carrier or not. However with iOS 8, things are moving a tad slowly.Back in December we had heard that iOS 8’s adoption was […]

iOS 8's Adoption Now Sitting At 63%
While iOS 8 might be the latest operating system version from Apple, it seems that not everyone is as eager to download the software as compared to iOS 7 which offered more radical changes from iOS 6. That being said, iOS 8’s adoption is on the rise, albeit slowly, and the latest numbers from Apple’s App Store support page (via MacRumors) have revealed that adoption of iOS 8 is currently […]

Possible Root Problem Of iOS 8/OS X Yosemite WiFi Issues Discovered
Right now there are users with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite devices that are suffering from WiFi issues. Apple recently issued an update meant to address these issues but recent reports have revealed that this is still a problem plaguing many users. Well according to a post by Mario Ciabarra, the co-founder and CEO of Quantum Metric, he claims to have found the root cause for the WiFi issues […]

iOS 8.1.1's Claims Of Performance Improvements Put To The Test
When Apple rolled out iOS 8 a few months ago, it seems that many iPhone 4S owners were advised to not bother with the update due to performance issues. It was found that the update to iOS 8 slowed the device down considerably, but with iOS 8.1.1, Apple is claiming that this should breathe some new life into older devices, the iPhone 4S included.So the question is, is this for […]