ios_8_adoptionAccording to earlier reports, it was suggested that iOS 8’s adoption rate was around 30% less than a week since its release. However it seems that Apple themselves have a different number because according to the Apple developer support page (via MacRumors), it seems that they are boasting a much more impressive 46% adoption rate.


This seems to suggest that almost 50% of iOS users have adopted iOS 8 since its release last week. As you can see in the pie chart, iOS 7 is still maintaining its lead at 49%, with other operating systems sitting at 5%. However given the rate of adoption, we wouldn’t be surprised if iOS 8 will surpass iOS 7 in the coming weeks, if not days.

Now if you’re wondering what’s with the discrepancy in the numbers, well we should point out that different analytics gather their number from different sources. Apple relies on iOS devices connected to the app store, while others might rely on website impressions or the devices that its advertisements have managed to reach out to.

That being said, earlier this month prior to iOS 8 being released, it was revealed that iOS 7 had been sitting at a 92% market share as far as iOS versions are concerned, so we have to wonder how long will it take for iOS 8 to hit similar figures.

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