Microsoft Outlook’s New Design Is Rolling Out To All iOS Users

Last year Microsoft announced that they would be revamping the design of its Outlook app on iOS. The roll out of the updated designed was a bit slow at the start, but now it seems that the update is available to all. This is according to a tweet by Michael Palermiti, Microsoft’s product lead for Outlook on iOS.

Google Also Found Offering A Data Collection App

It’s no secret that Google is collecting a ton of data on us. The more we use its services, the things we search for, the videos we watched, all of this is used to find out things about us which is then used for targeted advertising. However it seems that Google might have actually gone one step further with an app called Screenwise Meter that offered rewards to users in […]

iOS 13 Could Come With A System-Wide Dark Mode

With the latest version of macOS, Apple introduced dark mode to its desktop operating system. Dark mode seems to be a trending feature in the recent years where many are starting to appreciate the ability to give apps a darker look to make it less glaring. The good news is that it looks like the feature could be coming to iOS as well.

Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over Group FaceTime Bug

Recently there was a report about a Group FaceTime bug that allowed users to listen in on others without their knowledge. Apple has since temporarily disabled the feature, but unfortunately that is not enough because in a report from Bloomberg, Apple has since been hit with its first lawsuit over the issue.


Developer Warns Siri Shortcuts Could Steal User Information

With iOS 12, Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts which was basically the company’s take on the Workflow app that they had previously acquired. Siri Shortcuts allows users to create shortcuts for certain actions, kind of like macros. The best part is that anyone can create a Siri Shortcut and share it with others.

Facebook Paying Users To Install VPN App That Gathers Personal Data

Early last year, a report from TechCrunch revealed that Facebook had been trying to promote its VPN client which actually tracked and gathered information about the user. The app was later removed from Apple’s App Store. However a new report from TechCrunch has revealed that Facebook is trying again, this time by paying users to install a VPN app called “Facebook Research”.

Google Rolling Out Material Theme For Gmail On iOS, Android

Google’s Gmail app on mobile has evolved over the years in its design, where it adopted the various design languages that Google has used in the past. Now it looks like Google is pushing out an update that will give its mobile app a brand new look with its Material Theme design language.

Apple Was Warned About Group FaceTime Bug A Week Ago

A recent report revealed a disturbing bug with Apple’s Group FaceTime feature where it basically allowed a caller to listen in on the other person without their knowledge. This has been making the headlines in the past few days, but as it turns out that this bug was actually reported to Apple more than a week ago.

Apple Temporarily Disables Group FaceTime

Recently there was a bug that was revealed online in which it allowed an iOS user to make a FaceTime call to another user and listen in on them without them having to answer the call. Apple is said to be currently working on a fix, but in the meantime the company has temporarily disabled Group FaceTime while they work on it.

How To Turn Off FaceTime

Apple’s FaceTime service has been around for years and for the most part, it has been used without incident. However in recent times, there was a report of a FaceTime bug that allowed a caller to listen in on the person they’re calling without them needing to answer the call! This is scary and worrying, but until a permanent fix has been issued, perhaps turning off FaceTime completely might be […]

Apple Requires App Subscriptions To Display Full Amount Before Signup

There are countless apps that sell you an in-app subscription either to unlock premium content or features. Apple wants to ensure that users easily know how much they’re on the hook for if they decide to purchase a subscription. For this reason, the company has updated its developer guidelines for in-app subscriptions. It is now mandatory for apps to display the full subscription amount before signup.

Fortnite Bluetooth Controller Support Arrives On iOS And Android

Fortnite has long been available for iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. It’s finally getting support for Bluetooth controllers today. The support is part of the latest patch that’s rolling out today for the popular battle royale title. Epic has been working on this feature since last year and it’s rolling it out starting today.

Apple’s New Developer Guidelines Will Ban Apps That Tricks Users Into Subscriptions

Apple is keen on developers adopting the subscription model and it’s not hard to see why. It creates a constant stream of revenue as long as users are subscribed. However it seems that some developers have taken advantage of the subscription model by tricking users into signing up for subscriptions without their knowledge, and this has created some problems.

FaceTime Bug Lets You Hear The Audio Of The Person You’re Calling Before They Pick Up

How phone calls work is that usually you can only hear the other person when they answer the phone. Unfortunately there seems to be some kind of weird bug going around that has affected Apple’s FaceTime service, where it seems that the caller can actually tap into the microphone of the person they’re calling to hear them.