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You Can Soon Open Multiple Microsoft Word Documents On iPadOS
In the early days of the iPad, it was largely seen as a bigger version of the iPhone where for the most part, it had all the features and functionality of the iPhone except on a larger screen. However, in recent years, Apple has made various changes and improvements to the iPad that have slowly transformed it into a potential laptop replacement.

iOS 13.5 Makes It Easier To Unlock An iPhone While Wearing A Mask
When Apple first introduced Face ID, they claimed to have worked with mask makers to ensure that even if the person wears a mask similar to the user’s face, it will not cause the phone to unlock. So far, Face ID has been quite successful, but in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, this has created a problem.

Apple Downplays iOS Email Exploit, Says No Evidence Of Exploit Being Used
The other day, researchers revealed that they had discovered a vulnerability in the email app on iOS devices. This vulnerability is quite serious because it seems that users don’t even need to open the email in order for it to be exploited. All that needs to happen is that the person receives it and the attacker can then execute code remotely.

New Messages Bug Can Cause iPhones And iPads To Crash
Apple’s Messages app is supposed to be a simple app designed to send and receive messages. However, over the years, there have been numerous bugs discovered that would cause the app or device to crash when messages containing a string of weird characters are being received.


Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro Could Soon Be Coming To The iPad Pro
According to a recent tweet by Jon Prosser, it was suggested that Apple’s Xcode environment could soon be coming to iOS devices. This means that if true, it would allow developers to code directly on iOS devices like the iPad. In a follow-up tweet, Prosser not only reasserts his confidence in his original tweet, but reveals additional details as well.

Apple Investigating Newly-Discovered iOS Email Exploit
If you use Apple’s Mail app on your iPhone or iPad, it might be time to consider using another application to check your emails. This is because according to a report from security research firm ZecOps, a potential zero-day exploit has been discovered that could allow attackers to remotely run code on affected devices.

Apple’s Bluetooth Restrictions Is Hindering France’s Contact Tracing App
One of the problems with developing for Apple devices is that the company has a walled garden approach to outsiders. This usually means a lot of restrictions that developers tend to face when trying to create apps for the iOS platform. Unfortunately for the French government, it seems that Apple’s restrictions surrounding Bluetooth is hindering their efforts at creating a contact tracing app.

Facebook Gaming Launched As A Standalone App For Smartphones
Facebook is definitely no stranger when it comes to gaming. Several years ago, the company launched the Facebook Gaming platform designed to take on the likes of Twitch and YouTube. However, the downside was that Facebook Gaming was pretty much limited to desktops, meaning that those on mobile would not be able to use it.

iOS 14 Could Finally Allow Developers To Code On Their iPhones Or iPads
The iPad has been positioned as a productivity device where users can create on them. However, these creations are typically things like creating art like drawing, editing photos, videos, and writing documents, but it seems that developers could soon have a reason to pick up the iPad for themselves in the future.

Apple’s HomePod Is Now Powered By tvOS
Apple’s HomePod speakers were initially powered by its own software that is largely based on iOS. However, according to a report from 9to5Mac, they discovered that in the latest update to the smart speaker system, Apple has made some changes where the HomePod is now powered by tvOS, the same OS used to run Apple TV.

Apple And Google Team Up For COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tech For iOS And Android
Apple and Google are rivals when it comes to a variety of products and services. However, if this COVID-19 virus outbreak is showing us, it’s that in order to beat the virus, many companies are switching up their operations and approaches to lend a helping hand. In this instance, it looks like in a rare partnership, Apple and Google are working together.

iOS 13.4.1 Update Will Fix FaceTime Bug For iPhones And iPads
Communication tools have become more important than ever, where due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are being forced to self-isolate where they are now working and studying from home. This means that being able to chat with your friends and loved ones is crucial, especially in maintaining your mental health.

Facebook Launches New Tuned App Designed Specifically For Couples
If you have a significant other that you like to share photos and messages with on Facebook but don’t want to spam the feed of your friends with mushy topics, you’re in luck because Facebook has since announced the launch of a new app called Tuned that has been designed specifically for couples in mind.

Safari Flaw Would Have Allowed Hackers To Hijack iOS And macOS Device’s Webcam And Microphone
One of the concerns that many of us have with devices with built-in cameras and microphones, it would be whether or not these hardware features could be used to spy on us. This is why some people choose to tape over their microphones and cameras on their computers to prevent this from happening.