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T-Mobile Adds iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 4 To Easy Upgrade Plan
Magenta has been selling the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 for quite some time but today it has announced that both tablets can now be purchased on its JUMP! On Demand program, the tablets can be purchased on this program now in addition to the 24 month equipment installment plan that has been in place for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 ever since the tablets […]

iPad Mini 4’s Display Found To Be On Par With The iPad Air 2
The iPad mini’s display is obviously smaller than the regular iPad. This is pretty much a given, but for those who haven’t been following the news, it was discovered a couple of years ago that the iPad mini’s display also displayed less colors compared to the iPad Air. This might not be noticeable upon first glance, but tests have proven that to be true.Now the good news is that if […]

iPad mini 4 Now Available On T-Mobile
While the iPad Pro is probably the new star of Apple’s iPad lineup, there are plenty of users out there who either can’t afford the device, or don’t need such a large tablet and might instead be more interested in the smaller, more portable iPad mini 4. If that describes you, you might be interested to learn that the tablet is now available from T-Mobile.The carrier has recently announced that […]

iPad Mini 4 Teardown Reveals A8 Chip, 2GB of RAM, Smaller Battery
When it comes to hardware specs like number of cores, clock speed, RAM, battery size, and so on, Apple has never really been one to play the numbers game. Instead they usually advertise their products as being X faster than before, or how it will now last X as long as its predecessor, and so on.This is why during the iPad mini 4 announcement, not much was known about the […]


iPad Mini 4 Comes With An Overclocked A8 Processor
The iPad mini 4 was launched last week alongside the iPad Pro. However if you thought that it would come with an A9X chipset, like many would have logically assumed, you might be disappointed. According to the folks at ArsTechnica, they have discovered that the iPad mini 4 will instead come with an overclocked A8 processor.This is the same processor that was used in last year’s iPhones, and yes, it […]

Zagg Unveils iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 Keyboard Cases
A couple of days ago, Logitech unveiled the CREATE keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro. Since no one else had announced anything yet, Logitech was basically the first to announce a third-party keyboard case for the iPad Pro. However it looks like Zagg does not want to be outdone as they have similarly announced keyboard cases as well.The company has announced that they will be offering up two different keyboard […]

iPad Mini 4 Comes In At $399 As Apple Shakes Up iPad Lineup
Apple has shaken up its iPad lineup quite a bit today, you won’t be pleased if you were waiting for an iPad Air 3 because Apple didn’t announce one day. Instead the company unveiled the much rumored iPad Pro which also happens to be the biggest, most capable and most powerful tablet the company has ever created. The company did refresh iPad mini though, it’s called the iPad mini 4 and […]

iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 Could Be Unveiled September 9
So we know that Apple is hosting an event on the 9th of September where they will most likely announce the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. As for Apple’s iPads, the tablets tend to be announced later at a separate event, but a new report from 9to5Mac has revealed that could change as Apple might use this event to announce new iPads.The report claims that the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro […]

iPad Mini 4 Could Have Same Specifications As iPad Air 2
In just a couple of months Apple will be launching new products, first the new iPhones will come in September followed by the new iPads in October. There’s already a lot of speculation about Apple shaking up its tablet lineup this year with some even saying that it will skip an update for the iPad Air 2 to focus the spotlight on an all new iPad Pro. While that remains to […]

Verizon Rumored To Be Launching Xperia Z4, LG G Pad X And iPad Mini 4
If a rumor is to be believed then Verizon is going to add a handful of new devices to its lineup in the near future. Among the devices that are said to be coming to Big Red is the Sony Xperia Z4, the LG G Pad X 8,3 and the iPad mini 4. It’s even said that a new HTC Desire handset will be added to the lineup as well. Verizon […]

Possible iPad Mini 4 Housing Appears In Leaked Photos & Video
Last year Apple announced the third-gen iPad mini which safe to say wasn’t the most impressive hardware refresh from the Cupertino company. Apart from the inclusion of Touch ID, the update wasn’t particularly remarkable. However could that change with the iPad mini 4? We suppose that remains to be seen, but thanks to leaked photos obtained by, the alleged housing of the tablet has made its way online.The housing […]