ipad mini 4 handThe iPad mini’s display is obviously smaller than the regular iPad. This is pretty much a given, but for those who haven’t been following the news, it was discovered a couple of years ago that the iPad mini’s display also displayed less colors compared to the iPad Air. This might not be noticeable upon first glance, but tests have proven that to be true.

Now the good news is that if you still love the iPad mini lineup and are considering the recently launched iPad mini 4, you might be pleased to learn that Apple has upgraded the display quality of the tablet. According to the folks at DisplayMate (via AppleInsider), they have found that the iPad mini 4’s display is on par with that of the iPad Air 2.

The report claims that the tablet now covers 101% of the sRGB color gamut, versus previous iPad minis which only covered 62% of the gamut. The displays have also been improved where color accuracy is now on par with the iPad Air 2, as well as some of Apple’s more recent iPhones.

DisplayMate also reports that screen reflectance is at 2%. This is a vast improvement over its predecessor which was at 6.5%, and interestingly enough it beat out the iPad Air 2 which was at 2.5%. To give some perspective, most tablets are found to have a reflectance between 5-6.5%, so a 2% reflectance is actually pretty impressive.

So if you were still on the fence regarding the iPad mini 4, perhaps the improved display and upgraded internals will make it a more compelling purchase.

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