ipad mini 4 teardownWhen it comes to hardware specs like number of cores, clock speed, RAM, battery size, and so on, Apple has never really been one to play the numbers game. Instead they usually advertise their products as being X faster than before, or how it will now last X as long as its predecessor, and so on.

This is why during the iPad mini 4 announcement, not much was known about the device save for the fact that it is newer and presumably faster. For those who do want the nitty gritty details, you’re in luck because the folks at iFixit have recently conducted a teardown of the iPad mini 4, confirming some details in the process.

For starters, it looks like the A8 chipset has been confirmed. Previously it was revealed in benchmarks conducted by ArsTechnica. It was found to be slightly faster than the iPhone 6. The teardown also confirmed that the tablet comes with 2GB of RAM, which is more or less standard for iPads, and a smaller battery.

Oddly enough the battery is smaller than its predecessor considerably. The iPad mini 3 features a 6,471mAh battery, versus the iPad mini 4 which has a 5,124mAh battery. However Apple has claimed that both tablets offer the same battery life, although we’re not sure how since it seems unlikely that software optimization can make up for a difference of about 1,300mAh.

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