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Razer Releases Mechanical Keyboard For iPad Pro
Razer has introduced a new ultra low profile mechanical switch today, it sees the light of day with the company’s first mechanical keyboard case for the iPad Pro. This also happens to be the first mechanical keyboard that has been created just for the iPad Pro. It has an all matte-black finish and has a detachable polycarbonate case to protect the largest tablet that Apple has ever made.

Man Sues Apple For $10bn Alleging iOS Devices Infringed On His Ideas
Apple getting sued from time to time over claims that they infringed upon a patent is pretty normal, and we suppose for a company that huge and resource-rich does make for a pretty tempting target. However it seems that the latest lawsuit could take the cake as a man from Florida by the name of Thomas S. Ross is asking for $10 billion in damages.

Netflix For iPad Gets Picture-In-Picture Support
Netflix has updated its iPad app with a new feature that’s going to appeal to users who would like to stream content from Netflix while doing other things on their tablet. The app has now received support for picture-in-picture multitasking which will enable users to continue watching their favorite TV show or movie while they sort through their email, read tweets, check Facebook, etc.

These Are The Devices Compatible With iOS 10
iOS 10 was announced earlier today and Apple did introduce a fair number of new features and improvements that they would be making to the operating system. Now if you are eager to get your hands on the software, note that not every iOS device will be compatible, but here’s a list of devices that are.


iOS 10 Top 10 Features: What's New?
iOS was hailed as “the mother of all releases” by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, and it’s true that it is one of most important release. Of course, each new iOS version actually comes with hundreds of new APIs and smaller features, but Apple put forward 10 of the most visible novelties that users should look at and try.

MacBooks To Replace iPads In Maine State Classrooms
Apple has long touted the iPad as being a learning tool where due to its interactivity and apps, students will be able to learn from it in new and exciting ways that books don’t really quite offer. However it seems that over at the Maine Department of Education, Apple has recently offered to swap out the school’s iPads for MacBooks at no extra cost.

Moog Brings Its $10,000 Synthesizer To The iPad
Musical instruments such as keyboards and synthesizers aren’t cheap and that’s a fact, or at least if you want high quality audio samples, features, and controls, expect to pay a small fortune for it. In fact Moog is a maker of such instruments and back in the day, the company’s legendary Moog Model 15 synthesizer used to retail for a whopping $10,000.

Man Tracks Down His Lost iPad In Epic Adventure
The Find My iPhone/iPad feature is nifty when you’ve misplaced your device or have it stolen, in which you can then share the information with the police who will attempt to help you retrieve it. In the past we have seen some pretty crazy stories as a result of the feature, the most recent being that it led police to a gang’s hideout in Thailand.

Apple Stays Ahead As Tablet Shipments Declined By 14.7% In Q1 2016
Market research firm IDC has shared the latest numbers on the tablet market and once again it’s a story of declining demand. The numbers show that tablet shipments were down 14.7 percent in the first quarter of this year when compared to the same time last year. Despite the decline, Apple remains the leader in the global tablet market.

Find My iPad Leads Police To Gang Hideout
Apple’s Find My iPhone/iPad feature while intended to help users find their lost devices, has in the past few years have yielded some pretty impressive results. For example earlier this year, the Find My iPhone feature helped police track down a kidnapped teen, and several years ago, the same feature also accidentally led to the discovery of $350,000 worth of stolen items.

Apparently Apple Expects Your iPhone/iPad To Last 3 Years
With every new iPhone or iPad model Apple announces, the company will also introduce a host of new software and hardware features that will make upgrading as tempting as possible, such as a larger screen size, higher screen resolution, higher megapixel camera, more RAM, Touch ID, Force Touch, and so on.

New ‘Evil’ WiFi Could Result In Bricked iPhones/iPads
You know how when you connect to a WiFi network once, you won’t need to keep entering the password again the next time? This is why when you come home from work, you are usually hooked onto your home’s WiFi instead of being on cellular. However according to security researchers Patrick Kelly and Matt Harrigan, this could lead to hackers attacking iPhones and iPads.

Apple Reminds Us How Green They Are With ‘Environmental’ Wallpapers
During Apple’s March event a couple of days ago, the very first thing that the Cupertino company talked about was how green their operations are. For example over in countries such as Singapore, Apple has boasted how their operations are 100% green and how their retail stores are powered by renewable energy, thanks to the installation of solar panels on highrise buildings in the country.

Older iPads Are Reportedly Bricking When Installing iOS 9.3
Apple released its latest iOS 9.3 update a couple of days ago, and as is the case with updates, usually older devices have a problem handling them namely due to older hardware that might not be able to keep up with the update. We suppose this is the natural course of things, which is why it isn’t surprising to learn that there are reports of users with older iPads who […]