rotary-inputOne of the features of the Apple Watch is its digital crown. Before the Apple Watch, smartwatches were mostly interacted with by touching its screen, however the digital crown on the Apple Watch provided users with another way of interacting with their smartwatch. However could the digital crown make its way to future Apple products?


According to a recently discovered patent, it seems that at some point in time Apple did toy around with the idea of bringing a digital crown to iOS devices. The idea is that by creating a edgeless display, it would not leave any room for buttons on the front of the device, like the home button, so the digital crown could be one way for users to interact with their device.

There have been rumors that Apple could be close to moving towards an iPhone with an edgeless display. That particular iPhone has been rumored for 2017, although so far the rumors have not mentioned anything about a digital crown for it. However this is only a patent meaning that Apple could simply be trying to protect its intellectual property as opposed to considering making it an actual feature, but what do you guys think?

Would a digital crown on an iPhone or iPad be of interest to you?

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