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Coast By Opera Is An iPad Browser
Opera continues to innovate in the world of browsers with their latest browser that they have aptly dubbed “Coast by Opera” which will cater for the all too popular iPad tablet from Apple. After all, the Web has certainly far evolved since its young days to include plenty of complex graphics, videos and other interactive information, which is why Coast by Opera has been developed for the iPad to be […] For iPad is a popular content curation website that lets people build their own online publication using articles found across multiple sources on the Internet. In a few clicks, individuals and companies are able to collect and comment on numerous articles on the topics they are interested in.One of the key benefits of the service is to offer an easy way for readers to find a lot of information on very […]

Apple Could Be Working On A New Product That Requires A 17W Power Adapter
There are many who are interested in seeing what sort of new products Apple has to offer. At the moment the company’s lineup includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphone, and media players just to name a few, but at the same time we wouldn’t be surprised if the Cupertino company was working on something new, something that might require a 17W power supply.This is according to the folks at AppleInsider […]

Fifth-gen iPad Compared Against Its Predecessor On Video
Apple’s next-gen iPad is rumored to have taken some design cues from the iPad mini. This includes making it thinner as well as having narrower bezels on the side which gives the illusion of a larger display. This was “confirmed” in leaked photos that showed off the fifth-gen iPad’s front panel that showed off its narrower bezel, and now thanks to a video uploaded by Unbox Therapy, the fifth-gen iPad’s […]


iPad Charger Explodes, Sends Man Flying ‘Across The Room’
It seems that chargers are growing to be more and more of a fire hazard these days, as the latest incident involves an iPad charger which was said to have exploded the hand of a man, throwing him across the room as he unplugged the device. The man was thankful that it was him who received the electric shock instead of his 8-year old daughter, where he believed that the […]

Sega iPad Game Relies On Body As Your Controller
When the Nintendo Wii was first released to the masses, many people laughed at what they called “waggle controls”, and I do admit that it was rather weird at that point in time to play with a nunchuk and a Wiimote. However, once you have gotten the hang of it, it all becomes really natural, and you could also see Sony backtracking and throwing in a half-hearted motion control system […]

iPad Mini 2 Shell Leaked In New Photos [Rumor]
Summer is nearly behind us, which means we’ll soon be hearing about some new Apple products, which many believe their new iPhones will be released on September 20. As excited as the majority of Apple customers are to hear more about the new iPhones, iPad owners have been waiting to hear about their upcoming tablets for several months now. Specifically, the iPad Mini 2, which has just been spotted in several […]

iPad Used With Augmented Reality App In Liver Surgery
We know that Apple’s iPad has been used in a variety of different ways, some for entertainment, some for productivity, some for medical use, and now it seems that the iPad has even been used as part of a surgery! This is thanks to the use of an augmented reality app that when used together with the iPad, allowed doctors to place a 3D vessel map on top of a […]

Apple's iPad Market Share In China Slips to 28%
Apple’s iPad for the past few years has been considered the tablet to beat, although recent reports seem to suggest that the Cupertino company’s tablet could be losing its grip on the market and lose market share to the likes to their Android competitors. Well thanks to a recent report from the IDG News Service, it certainly seems that is the case as far as the Chinese market is concerned. […]

New Microsoft Ad Pits Lenovo Yoga Against The iPad
Microsoft has not been shy when it comes to attacking the competition, namely Apple, in their series of advertisements. Well the latest ad this time features Apple’s iPad up against Lenovo’s Yoga hybrid device. Once again the video takes pot shots at Apple’s iPad and some of its “disadvantages”, namely how the Yoga comes with a built-in keyboard while the iPad does not, indicating that the Yoga is better at […]

Fifth-gen iPad Rear Shell Leaked In New Photos
Later this year, perhaps not during Apple’s rumored 10th of September event, Apple is expected to announce a new iPad and iPad mini. Given that it would have been almost a year since the last generation was announced, we expect Apple will be looking to introduce new models this year. Thanks to French website,, it seems that they have managed to get their hands on a photo supposedly that […]

Ice Cubes Masquerade As iPads In Parcels Are A Big Fail
The iPad has been a phenomenally successful tablet, although it does seem to star to run out steam lately as its competitors play catch up in terms of market share, slowly but surely. Still, it continues to be a highly desirable piece of hardware, and the human mind never ceases to amaze as we read on how the more nefarious brains intend to cheat their fellow mankind. While a previous […]

iPad 5 Features Same Thin Touch-Screen Technology As iPad Mini [Rumor]
Ever since the fourth-generation iPad released, there have been rumors regarding the next iPad releasing on a regular basis. One such rumor that has popped up time and time again has been saying the next-generation iPad will most likely resemble a larger iPad Mini by using the same screen technology, making it possible for the next iPad to be both thinner and lighter. It looks like those rumors are again […]

Alleged Next-Gen iPad Front Panel Caught On Camera
Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen various photos and even a video of the components of Apple’s upcoming iPad. Well now thanks to a new listing by Macfixit Australia, front panels and the digitizer allegedly that of the next-gen iPad have surfaced. Based on its design it is pretty obvious that this is an iPad component, although whether it is actually that of the next-gen iPad remains to […]