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iOS 7 Causes 4-Year-Old Boy To Cry Uncontrollably
Apple’s iOS 7 was release just the other day, prior to the official release of both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The highly-anticipated launch of Apple’s newest and most ambitious iOS update to date has been met with a lot of criticism, but we don’t think anyone hates it more than 4-year-old Jack Colling from Kansas.

Next-Gen iPads And iPhones To Feature More Sapphire Crystal [Rumor]
According to the rumors, Apple could be set to announce their next-gen iPads come 15th of October. So far we’ve seen the alleged leaked shells of the next-gen iPad and next-gen iPad mini, with the iPad sporting a similar design to the iPad mini which would make its bezels thinner, but make the overall device thinner and smaller as well, at least compared to its predecessors. However now thanks to […]

Facebook Announces Redesigned iOS App
Apple released iOS 7 today and we’re already seeing a lot of apps being updated. Most of them have been redesigned to complement the new “flat” user interface that iOS 7 touts. Facebook today announced a redesigned version of its iOS app. Facebook’s product manager for iOS, Michael Sharon, says that the app has been completely redesigned to fit nicely within Apple’s new iOS update.The main navigation bar has now been […]

Gold iPad Mini Concept Brings iPhone 5S' Fingerprint Sensor To The Tablet
For several months leading up to Apple’s iPhone 5S announcement, its gold variant was leaked quite a few times leading many to believe it was expected to be an actual product. After Apple made their iPhone 5S announcement, we learned the device would be made available in three separate colors, with one of them being gold. This lead some people to wonder what a gold iPad to look like, specifically the […]


GTA 5 iPhone, iPad 'iFruit' Companion App Info Leaked
Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released to those who didn’t receive an early copy of the game starting tomorrow, with PC gamers up in arms to try to get Rockstar to bring the open-world crime simulator to their gaming platform of choice. iOS owners shouldn’t expect Grand Theft Auto 5 to be headed to their mobile device any time soon, or should they?

Future iPads Could Come With Anti-Reflection Displays According To Patent
One of the downsides to having glossy displays is that they not only attract a ton of fingerprints and makes them highly visible, but they are also pretty reflective and under direct sunlight it makes it harder to read, although the upside is that color reproduction seems to be better. Of course one could always buy an anti-reflective screen protector for their phone or tablet, but wouldn’t it be better […]

Microsoft Will Give You Minimum $200 Gift Card For Your iPad
There’s no doubt in the fact that Microsoft sees the iPad as a big hurdle in the way of the success of its Surface tablets. The company has made ads that pit its Surface tablets against the iPad, it has gone to lengths to prove that they’re better than Apple’s popular tablets. Microsoft is now offering a new deal which is available in select Microsoft retail stores in the U.S. […]

Disney's The Little Mermaid Getting Special Second Screen Experience On Sept. 15
Disney is no stranger to re-releasing their films to make even more revenue from moviegoers who prefer to watch their favorite films on the big screen. For several years, Disney has for the most part re-released their films in 3D, but they’ll soon be asking moviegoers to bring their iPads with them to the next time they watch one of their films as they’re announcing a special Second Screen Live […]

New Fifth-Gen iPad Photos Surface
Just the other day we saw a video where the iPad 5 was compared against its predecessor, followed by another video comparing the iPad mini 2 to its predecessor, and now thanks to Sonny Dickson who seems to be on a roll these days when it comes to obtaining Apple components, we have some high quality photos showing off the fifth-gen iPad that is pictured alongside its predecessor.The fifth-gen iPad is […]

Coast By Opera Is An iPad Browser
Opera continues to innovate in the world of browsers with their latest browser that they have aptly dubbed “Coast by Opera” which will cater for the all too popular iPad tablet from Apple. After all, the Web has certainly far evolved since its young days to include plenty of complex graphics, videos and other interactive information, which is why Coast by Opera has been developed for the iPad to be […] For iPad is a popular content curation website that lets people build their own online publication using articles found across multiple sources on the Internet. In a few clicks, individuals and companies are able to collect and comment on numerous articles on the topics they are interested in.One of the key benefits of the service is to offer an easy way for readers to find a lot of information on very […]

Apple Could Be Working On A New Product That Requires A 17W Power Adapter
There are many who are interested in seeing what sort of new products Apple has to offer. At the moment the company’s lineup includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphone, and media players just to name a few, but at the same time we wouldn’t be surprised if the Cupertino company was working on something new, something that might require a 17W power supply.This is according to the folks at AppleInsider […]

Fifth-gen iPad Compared Against Its Predecessor On Video
Apple’s next-gen iPad is rumored to have taken some design cues from the iPad mini. This includes making it thinner as well as having narrower bezels on the side which gives the illusion of a larger display. This was “confirmed” in leaked photos that showed off the fifth-gen iPad’s front panel that showed off its narrower bezel, and now thanks to a video uploaded by Unbox Therapy, the fifth-gen iPad’s […]

iPad Charger Explodes, Sends Man Flying ‘Across The Room’
It seems that chargers are growing to be more and more of a fire hazard these days, as the latest incident involves an iPad charger which was said to have exploded the hand of a man, throwing him across the room as he unplugged the device. The man was thankful that it was him who received the electric shock instead of his 8-year old daughter, where he believed that the […]