If you transfer music or any other data to your iOS device from your Mac, you’ll know just how handy Apple’s introduction of syncing over Wi-Fi became shortly after it was introduced as having your iOS device connected to your computer in order to initiate updates was an extremely tedious task. A newly discovered Apple patent may take this process to an entirely different level as it may be possible for your mobile device to interact with your computer automatically.

Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,417,779 is called the “Apparatus and method for interacting with handheld carrier hosting media content,” the patent describes a system to insert media from a portable device into an email message, document, photo editing software or a number of other applications on your computer. This would make the process of sharing certain photos or other media with your computer much easier as there are only a handful of options as of now, with the “easiest” one being to email it to yourself.

Interestingly enough, the process calls for NFC, Bluetooth, a camera or an additional sensor that would detect the proximity of the portable device. Once both the device and computer are in close enough proximity, the system then prompts the user to inform them a file transfer is possible at that time.

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