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Analyst Believes Larger 13" iPad Could Be A Laptop-Hybrid Of Sorts
We have heard rumors about how Apple could be developing a larger iPad, with a rumor earlier this year suggesting a 12.9” display with the device being referred to as the iPad Maxi. It’s not the most elegant name and it was merely a rumor, but now with Apple’s 64-bit A7 chipset reportedly bringing desktop class performance to mobile devices, new rumors have emerged about Apple’s alleged larger iPad. According […]

Apple To Hold iPad Event This October 22nd
The folks over at Apple still have some tricks up their sleeves, that is, more products to be announced before the year comes to an end. In fact, we now have confirmation that Apple will be unveiling a couple more products this month on October 22nd itself. Folks who are familiar with the plans concocted over in Cupertino have informed AllThingsD that Apple is scheduled to hold its next invitation-only […]

iPad 5 Release Date, News and Rumored Specs
Without fail for the past few years, Apple has unveiled a new iPad, although the anomaly was back in 2012 where Apple not just one, but two iPads, along with the first ever iPad mini. What this means is that the timetable for the fifth-gen iPad has been shifted from early 2013 to late 2014.Apple has yet to send out invites to their event, but the rumors are pointing at […]

Display Changes For Future Apple Devices Rumored
There is an abundance of rumors about future Apple products, but this latest rumor makes predictions about display changes that the company is expected to make in a number of its devices. This is actually the first rumor of its kind that tackles different products and hints at display changes for all of them. The rumor isn’t obviously substantiated by any real evidence, so a grain of salt is definitely […]


iOS 7 Accidentally Removes Restrictions And Filters From School iPads
We had previously heard how the LA school district decided to take back the iPads given to students due to the students somehow managing to bypass the restrictions, allowing them to surf the web and play games, which would normally have been restricted by the school. Well it turns out that other schools are experiencing similar problems too, although in this case it does not appear to be the students’ […]

Delta Pilots Reportedly Wanted The iPad Instead Of The Surface 2
It was reported the other day that Delta Airlines had decided to equip about 11,000 of their pilots with Microsoft Surface 2 tablets. It was an interesting move given that the Surface 2 tablets were only recently announced, not to mention its predecessor wasn’t exactly a hit. As it turns out, according to a pilot who spoke to Apple Insider, the pilots of Delta Airlines actually fought hard to get […]

L.A. School District Starts Repossessing Free iPads Given To Students
The L.A. School District had announced an ambitious program to provide free iPads to all 640,000 students in the district by next year. The idea was to provide iPads to students so that they could learn in a much more efficient manner. However, as we reported last week, the district decided to halt the program after some Theodore Roosevelt high school students hacked their iPads, which allowed them to access […]

AT&T And Apple Resolve Lawsuit On Original iPad Unlimited Data Claims
Both AT&T and Apple were sued back in 2010 over their claims of offering unlimited data for the original iPad, which came out that year. The lawsuit was brought when the unlimited data claims of the original iPad were later withdrawn by the carrier. Frustrated customers then sued both companies claiming that the bait-and-switch tactic was applied, and nearly three years later, a favorable outcome has appeared for them. U.S. District […]

Android Tablets Giving The iPad A Run For Its Money [Research]
Apple’s iPad has long dominated the tablet market. It is by far one of the most insanely popular tablets available in the market, demand for Apple’s slate has skyrocketed since 2010 when the original iPad came out. However, according to ABI Research, Android tablets are now giving the iPad a run for its money. The research firm believes that iPad has now “passed the baton” to the Android ecosystem and they […]

Gold iPad Mini 2 With Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner Leaked In New Photo [Rumor]
Now that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been announced and made available for sale, it’s on to the next Apple product to keep the rumor mill spinning. The iPad Mini 2 has had its fair share of rumors circulating the upcoming device, with one of the latest showing off the tablet in a color that resembles the iPhone 5S’ Space Gray. It looks like that won’t be the only […]

L.A. School District Stops Free iPad Program
The L.A. School District has decided to call it quits by next year for the free Apple iPad program to all 640,000 students within the district. What is the reason behind this move that theoretically speaking, would ultimately help students out and hopefully make them learn in a more efficient manner? It seems that some of the students who attend the Theodore Roosevelt High School had already hacked their iPad […]

Fifth-gen iPad Smart Covers Shown Off On Video
Just the other day photos of a space grey fifth-gen iPad surfaced and given that Apple has been rumored to launch the new iPad and iPad mini 2 come October, we guess the frequency of the leaks aren’t surprising. In any case a new video has made its way online, courtesy of Unbox Therapy where they show off the new Smart Covers that have been designed specifically for the fifth-gen […]

Fifth-gen iPad Caught In A Space Grey Finish As Well
The other day thanks to leaked photos, Apple’s next-gen iPad mini was caught in a space grey finish, as opposed to black since Apple has more or less dropped the black finish with the iPhone 5s, so we expect they are applying it to their new iPads as well. Thanks to newly leaked photos, we now have the fifth-gen iPad caught on camera in a space grey finish as well. […]

Apple Rumored To Be Working With Quanta Computer On Larger iPad
We have heard in the past rumors that Apple could be looking to create a larger iPad tablet, despite how some reports are suggesting that the current form factor is considered to be more appealing, but then again Apple has never really followed convention so we guess it wouldn’t be a complete surprise. In any case according to a new report from the United Daily News, they are claiming that […]