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An iPhone 13 With In-Display Touch ID Sensor Is Being Tested
As good as Face ID is, there is no denying that a fingerprint sensor is a lot more convenient, especially in this day and age when we are walking around with masks on. Now, there have been reports in the past that claims that Apple could be looking to bring back fingerprint scanning in the form of an in-display Touch ID sensor, and there is a chance that it could […]

iPhone 13 Could See Apple Increase The Thickness
Apple has, in the past, always strived to make its iPhones as thin as humanly possible. While it is a tech marvel and beautiful to behold, some people have had issues with the thinness as it can make it a bit hard to hold. This is why the iPhone 12 mini actually garnered a lot of praise as it was considerably more manageable than its larger and more unwieldy sibling, […]

iPhone 13 Could See More Models Adopt mmWave 5G Technology
In case you weren’t aware, not all 5G is equal. This is because depending on the antennas in your smartphone, you might be connected to either mmWave 5G or sub-6GHz 5G. The former offers faster speeds compared to sub-6GHz, but have a shorter range, while the latter offers wider coverage but at the cost of speed.

iPhone 13 Lineup Will All Feature LiDAR Scanners
With the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple introduced a LiDAR scanner to its iPhones that they initially debuted with the iPad Pro in 2020. However, only the iPhone 12 Pro models had the feature, while the other models did not. However, that is expected to change with this year’s iPhone lineup.


iPhone 13 Could Have A Less Obnoxious Notch
Right now, the notch has become part of the iPhone’s design for the past few years and we expect that it will be here to stay for a few more. However, a report from DigiTimes claims that with the iPhone 13, the notch is expected to be smaller compared to previous generations of the iPhone.

iPhone 13 Could Support WiFi 6E
Apple’s iPhone 12 comes with support for WiFi 6, but it seems that the next-gen iPhone, presumably known as the iPhone 13, could come with support for a slightly newer version of WiFi 6 called WiFi 6E.

Not All iPhone 13 Models Will Have A 120Hz Display
It was rumored that Apple could launch an iPhone this year with 120Hz refresh rates, but that did not make the cut. However, we did hear some rumors that suggested that next year’s models, the iPhone 13, could come with such a display, but unfortunately it seems that it won’t be applicable to all models.

iPhone 13 Expected To Go Back To September/October Launch Timeframes
Due to the pandemic, travel restrictions around the world were put into place to try and curb the spread of the virus as much as possible. This meant that it became a lot harder to accomplish certain jobs and tasks, like how Apple typically sends its engineers to China for them to test prototypes and ensure that everything is going according to plan.

iPhone 13 Could Sport An Interesting Battery Design
Right now, pretty much all batteries used by smartphones are the same, just with different capacities. However, with the iPhone 13, Apple could potentially be adopting something known as soft board battery technology, at least that’s according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who wrote in a research note to investors.

120Hz ProMotion Displays Could Come To The iPhone 13
Ahead of the iPhone 12, there were rumors and leaked screenshots that suggested that a 120Hz ProMotion display was coming to the handset. However, at the very last minute, the plan was allegedly scrapped, but now a report from The Elec claims that the iPhone 13s could actually come with such a display.

iPhone 13 Pro Models Could Feature A More Energy-Efficient Display
The iPhone 12s have only just been released and are making their way into the hands of customers, but it looks like the rumor mill will not be taking a break because according to a report from Korean publication The Elec, they have revealed some information about the 2021 iPhone 13s.

iPhone 13 Could Be Even Better At Taking Photos At Night
Right now, the iPhone 12, like most smartphones these days, comes with a Night mode in the camera. This basically relies on software and algorithms to help users take better photos in low-light situations, such as when it’s night. However, the iPhone 13 could come with an upgrade to help with that even further.

Early iPhone 13 Prototype Apparently Does Not Feature In-Display Touch ID
Will Touch ID ever make its way back to the iPhone? Some believe that Apple is working on it, but according to a recent tweet by a user calling themselves Jioriku, we might not want to hold our breaths just yet. This is because the user claims that the first prototype of the iPhone 13 does not feature Touch ID.

iPhone 13 Could Come With 1TB Of Storage
Apple’s iPhone storage currently caps out at 512GB and there is no way to expand on it as the iPhones do not support storage expansion via microSD cards like some Android phones do.  However, for those who feel that 512GB is still not enough, you might want to keep an eye out for the iPhone 13.

The iPhone Notch Won’t Be Going Away Anytime Soon
According to the rumors, it was suggested that come 2021, the iPhone 13 could see Apple ditch the notch for good. Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case. In a tweet by Ice Universe (who has proven to be pretty reliable in the past), Apple is still expected to continue using the notched design for its 2021 iPhones.

iPhone 13 Could Be Even Thinner Than Ever
The iPhone 12 will be launching this year and there are plenty of reasons to get excited over it. A brand new design and support for 5G are some of those features we can look forward to, but it seems that Apple could be cooking up something new for the 2021 iPhone 13 which could result in a much thinner handset.

Alleged iPhone 13 Prototype Reveals No Notch Display With A USB-C Port
Apple’s iPhone 12 has yet to be officially revealed, but it seems that the rumor mill is working extra hard because in a series of photos shared by Macotakara, they have revealed what is allegedly 3D printed mockups that are supposedly based on the iPhone 13 prototype which will be launching in 2021.

It Might Be A Bit Early, But Alleged iPhone 13 Camera Details Leaked
The iPhone 12 has yet to be officially announced. In fact, it might even be delayed to November, but thanks to a tweet by @choco_bit, they have shared some information about Apple’s 2021 iPhones, the iPhone 13. To be more specific, they have shared details about the iPhone 13’s cameras.