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Ophthalmologist Uses The iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro Camera To Check On Patients’ Eyes
iPhone 13 Pro Max Can Charge Faster Than The iPhone 12 Pro Max
Brazilian Regulators To Investigate Apple Over iPhone 13’s Lack Of A Charger
Apple To Fix Unlock With Apple Watch Bug In Upcoming Update
Apple Says All Apps Can Use The iPhone 13’s 120Hz Refresh Rate
iPhone 13 Pro Max Does Very Well In Battery Test
Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working With iPhone 13
Third-Party Apps Won’t Be Able To Take Full Advantage Of The iPhone 13’s 120Hz Display
iPhone 13 Pro Won’t Be A Perfect Fit For The MagSafe Duo
Bitcoin Scammers Stole $69,000 Using Fake iPhone 13 Event
iPhone 13 Will Not Fit Into iPhone 12 Cases
Verizon’s Increased iPhone 13 Subsidies Are Now A Lot More Tempting
This Is What The iPhone 13’s Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Looks Like
iPhone 13 Battery Sizes Revealed
iPhone 13’s Pre-Orders Have Already Surpassed The iPhone 12 In China
Brain Drain Might Explain Why Apple’s A15 Presentation Was A Bit Lackluster
Benchmarks Show iPhone 13’s GPU Performance Is Significantly Better Than The iPhone 12
The iPhone’s 5G mmWave Will Remain Limited To US Markets
ProRes In 4K Will Be Limited To iPhone 13 Models With At Least 256GB Of Storage