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New iPhone Range Has More Capacity Choices
If you’re thinking of picking up the refreshed version of the iPhone, you’ll be pleased to know that it will come in more ranges than ever before, with 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities to choose from. This piece of news was recently approved by the PCS Type Review Certification Board, so it will be an interesting time ahead to see just how much the entire range will be priced […]

New iPhone Predicted Release on July 17
Until we officially hear from Apple (probably during the keynote address by Phil Schiller on June 8th), here’s what we can expect from the latest iPhone: 32GB storage, twice the RAM and processing power, 3.2 MP camera, 1.5× battery life (bet this will be the most looked-forward to improvement) and removal of the metal frame for a sleeker body profile and a rubber thread on its back. Other additions include […]

Solid Gold iPhone Breaks The Bank
Some people pick up an iPhone not because it is easy to use and nice to look at, they treat this handset as though it is a status symbol of sorts. Well, put those wannabes and pretenders to shame with the $34,000 solid gold iPhone from Stuart Hughes, where the luxurious handset is finished and polished by hand. In addition, the Apple logo itself is decorated with 53 diamonds – […]

SoundClip, iPhone 3G External Speaker
SoundClip promises to boost the sound of your iPhone instantly. Here’s how the maker says it works: “A tuned conical deflection chamber designed to make the audio from your iPhone clearer and also slightly louder. Sound waves are reflected toward you, instead of away, so you feel more involved in your game, movie, or music. SoundClip amplifies iPhone audio by 10dB between 6kH and 20kHz, resulting in a cleaner, more […]


Softbank 1-Seg TV Tuner For iPhone 3G
The iPhone 3G has proven its universal appeal throughout its release in various countries last year, and one of the more interesting accessories for it hail from Japan, featuring a 1-Seg TV tuner that transmits signals via Wi-Fi – that means for you to enjoy watching TV on an iPhone 3G, you will not only need to be in range but connected to a Wi-Fi network as well. The accessory […]

Pink iPhone 3G On eBay
eBay is a place where you can find virtually everything, and today we have a pink iPhone 3G popping up that is not a modification from the masters of color, Colorware themselves. It features a standard print on the back that has been reprinted over with pink, making us wonder whether the iPhone 3G will get a color boost as with its iPod nano brethren when MacWorld rolls around. What […]

iPhone 3G Unlock Now Official
At long last, the Dev-Team has just rolled out its much anticipated iPhone 3G unlock known as “yellowsn0w“. It isn’t exactly a polished product yet though, but there are already reports of successful unlocks appearing all over the Internet despite it being a 0.9 beta release at press time. For folks running the iPhone’s latest v2.2 firmware, fret not – it works with that version as well, and will in […]

iPhone 3G And Storm Browser Speed Test
Since the BlackBerry Storm is supposedly one of the candidates lined up to knock the iPhone 3G out of the ring, it only makes perfect sense to compare the two. This time round we’ll take a look at the speed between browsers on both devices, and rest assured, the results are not rigged but are an actual reflection of real world usage. Below are some of the results :- […]

Incase iPhone 3G Slider Case
The iPhone 3G is an object of beauty to many, but here is a way to totally up the bling ante. Incase has made available the iPhone 3G metallic slider case that comes with a minimal thickness of just 1mm. We’re not sure if that is going to cramp your style where iPod speaker docks are concerned, but you surely can’t argue with the $34.95 price tag that makes your […]

Second 3G Lawsuit Against iPhone 3G
While the iPhone 3G might be doing gangbusters in sales, that doesn’t mean that all is fine and dandy. A second lawsuit against the iPhone 3G and its spotty connection with AT&T has emerged, with reports of a complete outage coming from various locations including Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and St. Louis. Could this outage be due to the fact that there are way too many iPhone 3Gs out there, […]

There's no need to queue: the iPhone 3G is available online at AT&T
Update 8/15: I was wrong, it just finds the nearest store… my bad. Thanks AlexSome of you have not been brave (or fool) enough to stand in line in a busy and hot Apple store and that’s OK. You might want to know that you don’t have to: is now selling your coveted gadget online at the same price, of course. Good luck with the 3G stuff…Related iPhone 3G […]

iPhone 3G problems: who's responsible doesn't matter, Infineon will take the blame
As the finger pointing continues in the 3G reception fiasco, unnamed sources quoted by Business Week claim that the issue comes from a component provided by Infineon and that a software patch from Apple will solve the problem. That’s the best solution for Apple, which would rather avoid an expensive (and embarrassing) product recall and for users, obviously. Business Week seems to think that the rumor reinforces the sentiment of […]

Colorware Spruces Up iPhone 3G
It was only a matter of time before the folk at Colorware perform their magic on the iPhone 3G. Instead of black and white color options, you can now fork out another $150 to Colorware in order to get that shade which you’ve always wanted, making you stand out from the rest of the pack. Of course, throwing in another $20 will result in a customized button and frame as […]

iPhone 3G Battery Life Guide
You know those car guides that tell you how to maximize your mileage? Well, in the world of portable consumer electronics, “mileage” would be defined as battery life, and with many people already rocking to an iPhone 3G, it makes perfect sense to dole out good advice on prolonging it’s battery life before heading to the nearest charger. Some of the more obvious steps would be turning off any and […]

Use the iPhone 3G as a 3G+ modem
There’s a tutorial about tethering the iPhone 3G to a laptop. Before you start to implement it, remember that this might be against your use license agreement with AT&T, which could add charges, cancel your account and potentially do many more painful things in retaliation – or they may do nothing at all, we just don’t know. Here’s the overview on how to proceed: Jailbreak your iPhone 3G Install 3Proxy […]

Sena Cases launches new iPhone 3G cases
True to form, accessories manufacturers like Sena Cases have wasted no time in releasing new designs for the recently launched iPhone 3G. These new leather cases are handcrafted in Europe, using only the finest quality, full-grain, soft Italian Napa leather. There are seven cases on offer by Sena Cases in total for the iPhone 3G, and you can know more about two of them right after the jump.

iPhone 3G Interest in Japan Surges
It is interesting to note that despite the iPhone 3G carrying much less features compared to other high end handsets in Japan, interest in it has surged to unprecedented levels, as more than one in seven Japanese phone customers are mulling over an iPhone 3G purchase since it was launched. Research has shown that existing subscribers with SoftBank (the official iPhone carrier) are more likely to lust after the device, […]

iPhone 3G Reception Problems
Proud owners of their new iPhone 3G are probably experiencing problems – not on the whole, but surely a certain group will have had experienced just one bar of 3G reception in areas where other devices offer strong reception. There are many possibilities involved – could it be a problem with a particular batch of iPhone 3Gs, or could it be AT&T’s rather shaky network? It might not be the […]

iPhone 3G Line Forms in NYC
A ten person line has been spotted outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue retail store as of this Friday afternoon. As ample supply is expected, it seems unnecessary to be waiting a full week outside the store. However, the lineup is acknowledged by both security and Apple employees, some who have left the store temporarily to talk to those in line. Chairs and other apparel make it clear that they are ready […]

AT&T Announces Official iPhone 3G Pricing, Free Software Update for Current iPhone Users
If you were anxiously waiting to see how expensive your iPhone 3G envy was going to be, here is the answer:1/ The deviceIf you sign on for a new 2 year contract, the phone will cost $199 (8GB) or $299 (16GB). According to AT&T here are the three conditions required to get these prices. We quote: iPhone customers who purchased before July 11 Customers activating a new line with AT&T […]