iPhone 5S

iPhone 5s Now Shipping Within 24 Hours
Amid recent analyst reports that Apple has finally managed to catch up with the intense demand for iPhone 5s, we now see that shipping times for the company’s latest smartphone have drastically improved. Just recently the online stores were providing a shipping estimate between 1-3 business days. Merely a few days after that improvement, it can now be clearly seen in almost all online Apple stores around the world that […]

Walmart To Sell iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c With No Contract Plans
Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, has been putting up the iPhone 5s as well as the supposedly budget iPhone, the iPhone 5c, on sale for quite some time already, and it seems that it is time for a slight change to be introduced. From this Friday onward, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c will be made available via Walmart on its own contract-free carriers, namely Straight Talk […]

iPhone 5S Supply Has Caught Up With Demand [Analyst]
It has roughly been three months since Apple launched its new smartphones, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Whereas it is widely believed that the latter hasn’t been selling as well as originally anticipated, there’s no denying the fact that the iPhone 5s has proved to be a hit. With intense demand comes a demand supply gap. Recently Apple has improved shipping times of the smartphone, and now according […]

China Mobile iPhone Pre-orders Reportedly Going Live This Thursday
The excruciating wait for millions of China Mobile subscribers might finally end this Thursday, if the latest report from The Wall Street Journal is to be believed. It spotted an advertisement on the carrier’s website revealing that pre-orders for the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c will be accepted from Thursday, December 12th. Previously, the publication also reported that both China Mobile and Apple had finally signed the iPhone deal, […]


iPhone 5s Shipping Times Improve To 1-3 Days
We had heard that due to issues with the Touch ID sensor, Apple would be faced with supply constraints with the iPhone 5s. However due to Apple reportedly shifting production efforts from the iPhone 5c to the iPhone 5s, shipping times have improved from 1-2 weeks, to 3-5 days, and now according to the listing on Apple’s online store, shipping times have greatly improved to the point where customers can […]

Report Claims Touch ID's Accuracy Degrades Over Time
If there’s one drawback to fingerprint sensors, at least in the past, is that it tends to degrade quickly overtime, meaning that after a certain amount of time, it will fail to real fingerprints, ultimately rendering the technology useless. Apple claims to have solved that problem with Touch ID by using sapphire to protect the sensor, but it seems that there have been a smattering of reports which claims that […]

Apple Signs iPhone Deal With China Mobile
The much rumored iPhone launch deal with China Mobile has finally been signed. We heard a lot of rumors this year that the world’s largest mobile operator is finally going to start carrying some of the world’s most popular smartphones. Even though its rivals, China Unicom and China Telecom, have offered previous iPhone models in the past, China M0bile starts off with the two latest smartphones from Apple, iPhone 5s […]

Alleged Prototype Official iPhone 5s Case Resembles The iPhone 5c
Back in September, Apple announced both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, and also revealed that both phones would come with optional official cases of their own. The iPhone 5s got the leather case while the iPhone 5c got a weird polka dot case which has since been poked fun at and even compared to a food grater. Well it turns out that the iPhone 5s nearly got the […]

Screenshot Of Pre-registration Page For New iPhones On China Mobile Surfaces
A couple of months back Apple finally received the regulatory approval it required to put its new iPhones on China Mobile’s homegrown TD-LTE network. With the big regulatory hurdle out of the way, many figured that it was only a matter of time before the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were launched on the world’s largest mobile carrier. A purported screenshot of China Mobile’s pre-registration page for the new iPhones […]

New iPhones Continue To Dominate Japan's Smartphone Market
We have already reported multiple times on Apple’s increasing dominance in Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is actually Apple’s fastest growing market, with the company’s margins there being 15 percent higher than anywhere else in the world. It is also one of five regions where Apple’s operating profit grew in the last fiscal year. iPhones account for over 37 percent and the iPads over 50 percent of the smartphone […]

Foxconn Tasks 300,000 Workers With Production Of Half A Million iPhone 5s Daily
The iPhone 5s was launched to intense demand back in September. Apple quickly sold out of its initial launch inventory and then shipping times slipped down to a couple of weeks. Almost a couple of months after launch, shipping times have now started to improve, estimates range between 3-5 business days on Apple’s online store. Recent checks of 60 Apple Retail Stores in the U.S. revealed that 90 percent of […]

T-Mobile Black Friday 2013 Deal: $0 Down For iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c [Rumor]
As Thanksgiving and Black Friday approach, we have started hearing more and more about the Black Friday 2013 deals we can expect from retailers, carriers and just about anyone trying to cash in on the hype. This is the first we’re hearing of a T-Mobile Black Friday 2013 deal, according to a screenshot received by the folks at T-Mobile, for three days Magenta is going to offer both the iPhone […]

iPhones Account For 76% Of All Smartphone Sales In Japan This October
It was recently reported that Japan is now Apple’s fastest growing market. The Land of the Rising Sun is where Apple’s operating profit grew in the last fiscal year, it is also the market from where Apple is getting its biggest profit margins from. Recent statistics from WSJ reveal that Apple commands 37 percent and 50 percent of the smartphone and tablet market in Japan, respectively. Figures released by Kantar World […]

China Mobile 4G And iPhone Launch Confirmed By State News Agency
Over the past few months it has consistently been rumored that China Mobile is finally going to launch the iPhone. The world’s largest mobile carrier having more than 700 million subscribers has never officially carried the iPhones, even though its rivals in China have do so for quite some time now. With the launch of its new 4G network, China Mobile will finally offer its subscribers the luxury to purchase […]