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Galaxy S6 Sales Reportedly Affected Apple’s Own iPhone 6 Sales
The Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 are very different phones, but yet when it comes to comparing Android to iOS, both company’s flagship smartphones are usually dragged into the argument. That being said with the launch of the Galaxy S6, a report from ATLAS Research & Consulting claims that this has negatively impacted the sale of the iPhone 6.The report claims that Apple has sold an estimated 35,000 units […]

Native Union Unveils iPhone Case Made From Marble
We’ve seen a variety of iPhone cases that are largely made from plastic, leather, and metal. However if you’re after something that’s truly unique, you might be interested in taking a look at Native Union’s CLIC  Marble iPhone 6 Case. As the name suggests, this is an iPhone case made out of marble.

Kids Choose Between The iPhone 6 And The Samsung Galaxy S6
If we were to ask teens or adults which phone is better – the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6, we’d be having a debate that would probably go on forever so why bother, right? So what about kids then? Will kids have a less tainted view on which phone might be better, putting branding and marketing aside and applying their unique perspective to things?Well that’s what Business Insider […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 & iPhone 6 Put To The Test...In Boiling Hot Water
We’ve seen many unnecessary and brutal tests that YouTubers have put new phones through. Heck it wasn’t too long ago that someone tried to burn the Samsung Galaxy S6 to see how much heat it could withstand, and now we have a new test – boiling hot water! YouTuber TechRax has recently uploaded a video in which we get to see both the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 boiled […]


Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9 In Speed Test
Earlier this month a video surfaced which showed the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge pitted against the iPhone 6 in a speed test. Now if you’re curious as to how both phones will hold their own again another flagship handset in the form of the HTC One M9, you’re in luck as YouTube channel PhoneBuff has decided to conduct a test of their own.As the title suggests, this test will pit […]

Mophie Space Pack Battery Case For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Mini
Mophie is a company that is known for their battery packs and battery cases, but if you’re looking for more than just a way to recharge your iPhone, you might be interested to learn that Mophie has also recently announced that they have launched the Space Pack battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.For those unfamiliar with Mophie’s lineup, you might be wondering how the Space Pack is […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Versus iPhone 6 In Drop Test
Samsung and Apple are rivals so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that when it comes to comparisons, both company’s flagship phones tend to get pitted against one another, like in a recent bending test video, and now thanks to the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, we get to see a drop test in which both handsets are dropped to see which is sturdier.In the video, the tester drops […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Beats Out Competition In Blind Camera Test
Making a great smartphone these days is more than just display and processor speed. Other factors come into play, such as its camera which could be a make or break decision for customers. Now if you were thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and were wondering how its camera fares, you might be pleased to learn that it holds up pretty well.The folks at PhoneArena have recently conducted […]

iPhone 6 Drives Market Share In China To An All-Time High
Apple has made no secret of the fact that it considers China to be a very important market for its business. The company has been pushing hard with retail expansion across mainland China and has been coming up with programs aimed exclusively at the Chinese consumer to get them on to its products. The efforts seem to be paying off. New data from an industry research firm shows that the iPhone […]

iPhone 6 Versus Samsung Galaxy S6 In Speed Test
Apple and Samsung are rivals, needless to say, so we’re sure everyone is wondering just how well does the iPhone 6 compare against the Samsung Galaxy S6 in terms of speed? Sure there are plenty of benchmarks and tests that have been done, but if you’re looking for a more real world example, YouTube channel Android GameE has put together a video that shows off the speed of both phones.

Apple Pay Reportedly Running Into Issues At The Checkout Counter
One of the reasons why Apple Pay has gotten the amount of attention it did is because not only is it an Apple product which generates a ton of interest on its own, but also its ease of use in which users just need to tap their phone against the payment terminal, hold their finger against Touch ID to verify themselves, and the process is done!However despite the seemingly ease […]

iPhone 6c Rear Shell Adds Fuel To The Fire
The iPhone 5c was a bit different from Apple’s recent smartphones as metal and glass weren’t the defining features of its design like almost every other model. Many say that this was a failed experiment on Apple’s part which is why we haven’t seen the iPhone 5c’s successor yet. Recently there have been rumors that Apple is developing a smaller iPhone, one that’s now referred to as the iPhone 6c, and […]

Here’s What Super Mario 64 On The iPhone 6 Looks Like
A couple of days ago we reported that thanks to Unity developer Erik Roystan, he managed to get the classic Super Mario 64 up and running in web browsers through the use of the Unity engine. It also helped to boost the graphics quality of the game, which is rather old, making it look like it is a relatively new game released for one of Nintendo’s current consoles.Now with Nintendo […]

85% Of iPhone 6 Users Have Yet To Try Apple Pay, According To Study
Apple’s mobile wallet service Apple Pay has seen a lot of press coverage as we have heard reports about how 1 million credit cards were activated in the first 72 hours of the service going live. In fact there was also a report that suggested that Apple Pay accounted for 1% of all digital transactions which was pretty impressive given how new the service was.However according to a new study, […]