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iPhone 6 Gets Boiled In Coca-Cola, Just Because
The iPhone 6 is not a cheap handset by any means, but yet despite its asking price, there have been numerous iPhone 6 videos which have surfaced which shows the device being tortured. For example we saw the phone frozen in liquid nitrogen before being smashed to smithereens, and we’ve also seen it shot at with a sniper rifle, and it looks like those torture tests are nowhere close to […]

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Demand Still Outstripping Its Supply
The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched a couple of months ago and we guess by now some of you guys thought that maybe supply constraints might have eased up. Well as it turns out it hasn’t. It has improved, sure, but according to the latest research conducted by analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, it seems that demand for Apple’s new iPhones is still outstripping its supply.According to […]

Squair's Beautiful iPhone 6 Aluminum Cases Will Set You Back $2,000
When it comes to iPhone cases and accessories, there are plenty to choose from. There are those that are cheap and flimsy, and there are those that offer rugged protection, then there are those that just look good. Well if you’re after the third type of case, perhaps Squair’s “The Slit” iPhone 6 case might be of interest to you.For those unfamiliar, Squair is a brand from Japan and “The […]

iPhone 6 Plus' OIS Found To Be Affected By Magnetic Accessories
There are some addons and accessories for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that involve the use of metal and magnets, such as camera lens attachments for example. While these are convenient solutions for iPhone users who want to be able to quickly attach and detach lenses, it seems that it could cause potential problems for the phone.There have been a smattering of user reports that claims that the use […]


Smaller iPhone Rumored Once Again
The iPhones that Apple released this year brought the biggest jump in display size yet for Apple’s smartphones. iPhone 6 Plus is most definitely in the phablet category with a 5.5-inch display. Apple is said to have made this shift to appease customers who have been demanding an increase in display size, so would the company look back? Apparently so, at least that’s what the rumor mill will have you […]

Twelve South's BookBook Wallet Case For iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Launched
If you’re going out for the night, chances are you’d rather not bring too many things with you, like a bag, a separate wallet, your cards, money, and phone. So wouldn’t it be better if you had everything together? Well putting aside the danger of losing everything at once, Twelve South has launched their BookBook iPhone wallet case for both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.For the most part the […]

New Lumia 1030/RM-1052 Photos Compares It Against The iPhone 6
It wasn’t too long ago that we caught a glimpse of the alleged Lumia 1030 which goes by the model number RM-1052. Well thanks to new photos that have surfaced, we now have additional photos of the handset which compares it against the iPhone 6. Given that the iPhone 6 was launched not too long ago, we can only assume that these photos are relatively new.Now the photos don’t really […]

Typo2 For The iPhone 6 Announced
Back in 2013, a company called Typo unveiled the Typo keyboard for the iPhone. Basically it’s a keyboard case that adds a physical QWERTY keyboard to the iPhone. For those who hate typing on the onscreen keyboard, we guess the Typo is a good alternative. Well if you just got your hands on the new iPhone 6 and were looking for a keyboard, you’re in luck as Typo has recently […]

iPhone 6 Plus Accounts For 41 Percent Of U.S. 'Phablet' Sales
Smartphones that have significantly large displays are affectionately referred to as “phablets.” The iPhone has never been in that category until this year when back in September Apple launched the iPhone 6 Plus. This smartphone has a 5.5-inch display which puts it squarely in the phablet category and by the looks of this it will soon rule this category, at least in the U.S. Data from Kantar Worldpanel shows that […]

iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Shipping Times Improve To 3-5 Days
It is no secret that trying to get your hands on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus can be a difficult job, unless of course you don’t mind waiting anywhere between 2 weeks to a month before you are able to receive your purchase in the mail. Well the good news is that it looks like Apple has finally managed to get their supply sorted out; either that or the […]

iPhone 6 Clone Debuts
It was rather interesting to read of a Chinese company accusing Apple of copying their design to incorporate it into the best selling iPhone 6, and here we are with what can be deemed to be a reverse – with the funnily named Dakelele Big Cola 3 having debuted in the world’s most populous country, where it shares an uncanny resemblance with the iOS-powered device from Cupertino.

Chinese Company Claims Apple Stole Its Design For The iPhone 6
Usually when it comes to accusations of who copied who, Apple is usually the company that is being copied in terms of their designs for smartphones, tablets, and computers, but in an interesting twist, it looks like one Chinese smartphone company is claiming that Apple has copied their design for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.This is particularly interesting because you might recall the Lenovo Sisley S90 which looks almost […]

T-Mobile Cyber Monday Deals Bring iPhone 6 Discounts
Cyber Monday is upon us which means that you better get that credit card out, because almost every other online retailer is trying to get you to make a purchase. As if the Black Friday shopping frenzy wasn’t enough, Cyber Monday is now an yearly occurrence where retailers offer amazing discounts online. T-Mobile Cyber Monday deals are worth looking at, there are some great iPhone 6 discounts, which should entice you […]

Sapphire Displays Rumored For Next Generation iPhone
Now this is one rumor that’s going to ring a lot of bells. Throughout this year we kept hearing that the iPhone 6 is going to come with a sapphire display. In September when Apple unveiled both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus it made no mention of sapphire in the display. Now though it is being rumored that the next generation iPhone, not due for nearly an entire year, […]