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Larger Displays Boost iPhone Sales In Asia
Before Apple formally announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus many analysts had said that the expected increase in the display size of these new iPhones would improve sales of Apple’s smartphones. The market had already moved on to significantly larger displays and people were looking at Apple to respond. That it did, with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. The latest report from Counterpoint Research shows that […]

iPhone 6 Experiences The Ultimate Drop Test
Just when you thought that you have seen the worst of drop tests where the precious new iPhone 6 is concerned, all of those would pale in comparison to what is shown on the video above. How high were the previous iPhone 6 handsets released from? Certainly not from space, right? Yes sir, a spanking new iPhone 6 was sent to the stratosphere last year, traversing more than 101,000 feet […]

iPhone 6s Could Feature 2GB RAM (Rumor)
Rumors circling the iPhone 6s – a smartphone that is far from being confirmed, include the possibility of a dual lens camera design that has been thrown into the mix for optical zoom purposes, and the latest whispers from Taiwan does drop the suggestion that the iPhone 6s will arrive with 2GB RAM underneath the hood, now how about that?

popSlate Case Gives Your iPhone 6 An E-Paper Secondary Display
Some of you guys might recall that back in 2012, we reported on an iPhone case called the popSlate. This is basically a cover for the iPhone that gives it an e-paper display on the back of the phone, which is essentially a secondary display for iPhone users. Well the good news is that if you wanted the popSlate but for your iPhone 6, you’re in luck.The company has recently […]


Apple Website Now Listing iPhone 6 And 6 Plus As "In Stock"
If you wanted to get your hands on the iPhone 6 in the past couple of months, you would have been hard pressed to do so, unless you didn’t mind waiting a few weeks for your order to arrive.  However towards the end of the year, Apple seems to have improved the shipping times on the phones where it dropped to an estimate of 1 business day.Well for those who […]

LifeProof's Fre Power iPhone 6 Battery Case Is Waterproof Too
When thinking of purchasing a battery case for your phone, your priorities are probably how much it costs, how big is the battery, and how bulky will it make my phone, or something along those lines. Rarely do we ask ourselves if the battery case might be waterproof. Well for those who love the idea of a waterproof battery case, LifeProof has just the thing for you.The company has been […]

New Mophie Juice Packs For iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus
From the get go Apple’s smartphone haven’t had removable batteries so users couldn’t simply swap out the battery with a fully charged one when the need presented itself. The company improves battery life with every new generation of the iPhone but users just can’t get enough. Companies like Mophie make cases with external battery packs for the iPhone that further improve the device’s battery life, and today Mophie has announced […]

SIM-Free iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Available In The U.S.
Apple usually makes customers wait for a couple of months after it releases a new iPhone before it starts selling the SIM-free version. Back in September 2014 the company released both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Just yesterday we heard that both smartphones will soon be available SIM-free from the company, and now these models are available for purchase. Apple is now selling the SIM-free iPhone 6 and iPhone […]

Zagg Debuts Speaker Case, Pocket Keyboard iPhone 6 Accessories
The speakers on our smartphones are good enough if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix to listen to music or watch videos without a pair of headphones. However if you wanted something with a little more oomph, you’d probably need to start looking at Bluetooth speakers. However if you wanted that oomph but with more portability, you might be interested to learn that Zagg has announced the Speaker […]

ITG Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector For The iPhone 6/6 Plus
Replacing a phone’s screen can be a costly process which is why despite most displays these days being resistant to scratches, there is still a need for screen protectors as many have no qualms welcoming that added layer of protection. In some cases these screen protectors could even help absorb the damage from drops and prevent the screen from cracking.If you’re in the market for a new screen protector, Patchworks […]

Unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 6 And 6 Plus To Go On Sale In The US Tomorrow [Rumor]
There are some parts of the world where customers who want an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus will be able to buy it unlocked and off-contract. In fact in some parts of the world, this is actually a pretty common practice. Over in the US, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are being sold on contract, but the good news for those who’d rather not be tied to any particular […]

Analyst Believes 4-inch iPhone 6 "mini" Will Launch In 2015
With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple finally gave fans what they wanted – an iPhone with a bigger display at 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches respectively. So what’s next for Apple? Move closer to the 6-inch range? Well if rumors are to be believed, Apple might actually be taking a step back and moving towards 4-inch phones again.This is according to an investor’s note issued by analyst Timothy Arcuri of […]

Demand For The iPhone 6 On The Rise, According To Analyst
The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was launched a few months ago, and we’re sure by now many would expect that demand for the handset is starting to wane, especially with more customers starting to get their hands on the device. Well as it turns out, it seems that demand has not waned. In fact if anything, demand appears to be on the rise.This is according to a recent survey […]

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Shipping Times Improve To 1 Day For Some Models
According to a report from a few days ago, an analyst revealed that the demand for Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is still outstripping its supply. This is evidenced in the estimated shipping times in which customers were still told that they had to wait 3-5 business days before their order would be shipped out.Analyst Gene Munster offered his prediction that availability should hit the 80% mark before the […]