There really is a very huge gap in how one values art from another person – I know for sure that if I happen to have $15,000 lying around somewhere, I would not blow it on an iPhone or iPod dock, never mind if the design house behind it is KMKG Studio that allows you to choose your own type of tree as the carpenters head off into the forest to chop down your selection. They will then follow up that action by hollowing your log of choice, carefully installing the wiring as well as high-quality speakers in order to make this piece of wood rock.

Depending on the kind of design, the workmen are also be able to hide the sound and phone charging hardware almost completely from view, making your expensive purchase look more like an artsy looking piece of forest debris. Hopefully no one strolls into the room one winter and without realizing it, toss your iTree dock into the fireplace, thinking that your living room is too cold and needs some extra bit of heating. Now that would be money going up in flames, no?

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