Want to make sure that your product is able to capture the attention of the general public? That’s not too hard to do these days especially when it comes to gizmos – just make sure that you throw in an iPod dock into whatever you’re rolling out, and that ought to grab some attention. This is the route that Frieling has taken with their latest kitchen scale that comes with an integrated iPod dock. The scale itself is sexy enough to sell on its own IMHO, but why not play safe and let you groove to your favorite tunes while you’re busy preparing dinner, making sure that all of the ingredients are of prim and proper condition? While the weighing surface comprises of stylish, see-through safety glass that lets you see the large speaker sitting right under, what happens when wet food drips down, or if you aren’t too careful, it goes straight into your iPod dock? Take a $99.99 risk and leave us a comment on your experience, aye?


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