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Apple Discontinues iPod Nano And iPod Shuffle
It’s the end of an era for iPod lovers. Apple has decided to discontinue the only two iPods in its lineup that did not feature internet connectivity. The company has confirmed that it’s no longer going to sell the iPod nano and iPod shuffle starting today. The webpages for both products have been taken down from Apple’s website.

New iPod Nano & Shuffle Won’t Get Apple Music
A couple of days ago, Apple launched new iPods. There is the recently refreshed iPod touch with brand new hardware, and the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, both of which got a new coat of paint. Unfortunately if you were hoping to be able to use Apple Music with the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, you’d be out of luck.As you can see in the screenshot above, it seems that […]

iTunes 12.2 Hints At Potential iPod Refresh
Last month Apple made it clear that the iPod would no longer be a priority to the company by removing a direct link to their iPod product page from their website. This doesn’t mean that the iPods have been discontinued, but rather Apple will choose to focus on less on it now than they did before.However it looks like the iPod might not be completely ignored. It has been spotted […]

iPod Shuffle Shortage Caused By Supplier Change
We’re not sure how many of you guys might have noticed, but there have been reports of an iPod shuffle shortage recently. Given that Apple chose to discontinue the iPod classic and the fact that our phones are more than capable of doubling up as a media player, we’re sure some of you guys are a bit worried that the iPod shuffle could be meeting the same fate.Well the good […]


Steve Jobs autographed iPod shuffle fetching $9,995 at auction
We’re sure that there are some of you guys out there who are not only Apple fans, but fans of Steve Jobs too, who in a way could be considered a celebrity of the tech world. The good news is that if you’re looking to own an 4th generation iPod shuffle with his signature on it, you will have the chance to bid on it thanks to an eBay listing.

Apple removes click-wheel specific games from app store
We had previously reported on the rumors that Apple may be discontinuing the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle. Given how long those products have been in the cycle and how everything seems to be moving towards touch screens these days, we can’t say that we’re surprised.Now the rumor is starting to gain a bit of traction and credibility as it seems that Apple has removed a section from the Apple […]

Rumor: Apple to discontinue iPod shuffle and iPod classic?
Let’s face the facts – sentimentalism isn’t going to keep a company moving forwards all the time, especially when you deal with a field that is fast moving like technology. Apple is whispered to pencil in obituaries for two of their faithful servants – the screen-less iPod shuffle as well as the portable media player that kickstarted it all – the iPod classic.The iPod classic has been around for a […]

iPod Shuffle a decade from now
Do you think that Apple will continue with its iPod Shuffle line for another 10 years? Well, the person behind this concept certainly thinks so, and has come up with what is dubbed the iPod Shuffle 2020. Basically, it is touted to offer unlimited music and battery capacity – something that will clearly have a few of us scratching our heads. Unlimited music? Sounds great, but just what does that […]

Samsung TicToc to challenge the iPod Shuffle
Granted, anyone who wants to top the iPod Shuffle’s position in the MP3 player market isn’t aiming high, but that has not stopped Samsung from unveiling its TicToc MP3 player which boasts an integrated motion sensor that makes switching tracks a snap – all you need to do is shake the player in the right manner and you will be able to perform various functions such as slow down a […]

Scosche tapSTICK For iPod Shuffle Owners
iPod Shuffle 3G owners will be delighted to know that Scosche’s tapSTICK is now available, where it functions not only as a case but doubles up as an external controller, allowing you to gain full control of the Shuffle without having to purchase specially authenticated earbuds as come with a pass-through jack that allows owners either use their own earphones with the option to include aux-in jacks and other devices […]