We’re sure that there are some of you guys out there who are not only Apple fans, but fans of Steve Jobs too, who in a way could be considered a celebrity of the tech world. The good news is that if you’re looking to own an 4th generation iPod shuffle with his signature on it, you will have the chance to bid on it thanks to an eBay listing.

It seems that this current auction is actually an auction that was held awhile back. According to the seller, the auction was accidentally pulled by eBay and had supposedly reached a bidding price of $26,000. However considering that the current auction has hit $9,995 at the time of posting with about 9 days to go, we don’t think it should be that difficult for the seller to reach those prices again, or at least close enough.

If you’d like to place a bid and own a Steve Jobs autographed 4th generation iPod shuffle, head on over to eBay for the listing, although it should be noted that the signature is actually on the casing of the iPod as opposed to directly on the iPod itself.

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