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Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa has built-in speakers and an iPod dock
This is not really the first time for us to talk about couches. First there was the Sound Sofa which can double up as an iOS speaker dock. Then there’s the Sega Master System Sofa that’s perfect for video game fanatics, although it did not have any electronics on it. Today, we’re adding another interesting sofa to the lineup. We’d like to introduce the Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa that features […]

JVC NX-BX3 Nightstand doubles up as an iOS dock
So we’ve seen our fair share of iOS docks, but rarely have we come across a dock that has been purposely designed to double up as a piece of furniture, and such is the case with the recently announced JVC NX-BX3 Nightstand dock.

University student purchases her own iPod unknowingly
Whenever you see a deal that is too good to be true, it would be prudent to tread carefully – after all, you might end up with a spoiled product (despite being original), a clone, or even a stolen device. This is what happened to a 22 year-old in her 4th year of university in Kanazawa, Japan, after placing an order for an iPod via an Internet auction site to […]

Behringer unveils iNuke Boom iOS dock capable of 10,000 Watts output
If the sound from iOS speaker docks that are currently available in the market leave you less than impressed, come CES 2012 Behringer will unveil the iNuke Boom speaker dock for iOS devices. As the name implies, it will be one heck of a speaker dock, although given its asking price, its name could also be referring to that as well.


Bose IQ multiple device docking concept will be great for house parties
The thing about throwing a house party is that inevitably there will be someone who hates the music. So instead of continuously swapping out MP3 players for different songs, design Jason Farsai has come up with a speaker dock concept that should accommodate just about everyone’s taste in music.

First generation iPod nano faces battery overheating issues, Apple issues replacements
Have you ever wondered what took so long for Apple to discover that their first generation iPod nano actually might suffer from the issue of an overheating battery? Yeah, having been released what seemed like eons ago, affected iPod nano units fall under the category of being sold “between September 2005 and December 2006” – with Cupertino mentioning that the overheating happens only in “very rare cases.” I guess that […]

Speakal iKurv iPhone speaker dock looks futuristic
Tired of all the similar, boring-looking iPhone/iPod docks available on the market? Well the folks over at Speakal (the company behind the iHog) have come up with a new dock that can spice up the décor of any room. Called the iKurv, this iPod/iPhond docking station speaker system features two large speakers connected in a tube, with an adjustable glowing blue stripe that’s reminiscent of some futuristic-looking spaceship.The iKurv delivers […]

iLuv iMM155 Vibro II iPhone/iPad alarm clock docking station
If you’re not the type that wakes up to noise (i.e. someone calling your name, alarm, phone calls, etc), but instead prefer to be shaken awake, iLuv might have something for you in the form of the iMM155 Vibro II iPhone/iPod Alarm Clock docking station, which is part of iLuv’s Vibro series of digital alarm clock docks.

Apple TV project said to be led by Jeff Robbin
Yesterday we reported on rumors that an Apple TV was indeed in the works. This flurry of news surrounding a television set built by Apple seems to have stemmed from a quote from the recently released biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. The quote suggested that Steve Jobs may have finally come up with an Apple TV, and the rumor suggested that prototypes of the product were already in […]

iLoveHandles BARNACLE holds your iPhone 4 on smooth surfaces
The folks over at iLoveHandles have come up with a new accessory for the iPhone, and it sure sucks! Fortunately it sucks – but not in a bad way. Called the BARNACLE, this interestingly designed accessory for the iPhone works as a multi-purpose mount for your iPhone 4. Whether you need it up against a wall, on your desk, or on your windshield, BARNACLE does the job (as long as […]

Rumor: Apple to discontinue iPod shuffle and iPod classic?
Let’s face the facts – sentimentalism isn’t going to keep a company moving forwards all the time, especially when you deal with a field that is fast moving like technology. Apple is whispered to pencil in obituaries for two of their faithful servants – the screen-less iPod shuffle as well as the portable media player that kickstarted it all – the iPod classic.The iPod classic has been around for a […]

Speakal iHog iPhone speaker dock is cute
Looking for a new accessory to spice up your dull living room? Speakal, a lifestyle-oriented home entertainment company has just launched a new speaker dock for iPhones and iPods called the iHog (yes it is the successor to the iPig). Designed in the shape of a cute pig, with speakers in place of its eyes, the iHog is a fully functional and attractive looking device (I guess that also depends […]

Mophie outs new series of juice packs for iOS devices
If you feel that your iOS devices drain battery too quickly for your liking and you find yourself constantly out of battery in the middle of the day, perhaps it’s time to consider getting yourself an external battery pack, and with Mophie releasing their second-generation battery pack for iOS devices, perhaps this is something you may want to take a look at.

Retro looking iPhone/iPod charging dock with Bluetooth headset
If you like the idea of marrying new technology with the old, perhaps this iPhone/iPod dock charger with a Bluetooth headset shaped in the style of a retro phone might appeal to you. As you can see from the photo above, the dock has been crafted in such a way that it appears to be rather vintage in design, and with the app running on the iPhone in the background, […]