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Altec Lansing iMT630 iPhone/iPod speaker dock
Altec Lansing, a company known for their speakers, has recently unveiled a speaker dock targeted at the iPhone and the iPod. While this isn’t a speaker dock for audiophiles, given its relatively affordable price and its bright colors, it ought to attract those who prefer form over function.

Fake Apple stores ordered to hand over products
If you thought that fake Apple stores were limited to China, you would be wrong as not too long ago fake stores were discovered in the US. Two such stores in Queens were accused of trademark infringement and in the latest development of the case, they have been ordered to hand over all products to Apple.To be more specific, the products that the stores have to return need are ones […]

Sony unveils two new iOS compatible speaker docks
Looking for a set of iPhone/iPod speaker docks that’s also compatible with your iPad? Look no further as Sony has announced two new speaker dock systems – the RDP-X500iP and the ICF-CS15iP, both of which are claimed by Sony to work with the iPad.

Pioneer Music Tap systems will support AirPlay
Fans of Apple and Pioneer are going to be pleased at Pioneer’s new networked music players called the Music Tap.  Relying completely on digital media, these two stereo systems don’t even have drives for you to insert traditional CDs! Instead you get a dock for your iPod/iPhone, a USB ports for external drives, and an auxiliary port for regular MP3 players/smartphones.


NuForce Icon iDo headphone amp
Not content with the sound from your iPad, iPhone or iPod? Do you feel that even your high-end Bose, Shure or Audio Technica headphones don’t seem to do the trick? NuForce has the solution for you with their Icon iDo headphone amp that has been designed for iOS devices in mind.

AeroDreamOne iOS speaker dock is 11-feet tall
There are iPhone speaker docks, and then there are iPhone speaker docks like Jean Michel Jarre’s 11-foot tall AeroDreamOne iOS speaker dock. Yes, you read that right, an iPhone speaker dock that’s 11-feet tall! The bad news is that if you were hoping to get this for your living room, not only would you require a really high ceiling, but you would also require about $560,000 to pay for it.

XtremeMac announces four iOS/Mac specific sound systems
There are plenty of iOS speaker docks around and speaker systems for the Mac, just walk into any Apple store or Apple reseller and you’ll know what I mean, but more variety can’t hurt right? If the offerings at the moment aren’t to your fancy, XtremeMac has just announced four new audio systems that have been tailored for iOS and Mac owners in mind.

JVC unveils UX-LP55 Mini Hi-Fi combo
Looking for a new Hi-Fi system that’s compatible with your iPod/iPhone? JVC has just announced their UX-LP55 Mini Hi-Fi combo which while isn’t exactly mind-blowing, will probably have enough juice to get the job done, plus we can imagine the white/pink color combo will definitely sit well with the ladies.

Sony's XDP-PK1000 car audio system is hassle free to install
The problem with installing a new car audio system is that for those who are inexperienced, it usually requires a trip to the mechanic who will help you to install the system for a fee. The fee ranges depending on the mechanic and their generosity, but if you’re looking to install a new sound system in your car without all that hassle, Sony’s XDP-PK1000 could be it.

OmniVision OV9770 camera sensor could be featured in the next iPad and iPod
It’s no secret that OmniVision is the company responsible for providing the camera sensors that Apple uses for their iPhones and iPads, and it seems that company may have accidentally revealed the sensor that could be used the next-generation iPad and iPod.

Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station
Looking for a surge protector for your devices that will also allow you to charge your iPhone or other USB chargeable devices at the same time? Look no further as Energizer has unveiled their new iSurge Travel Charging Station for the iPod, iPad, iPhone among other devices.

Apple quietly rolls out updated recycling program
Apple has prided themselves in doing something for the environment, such as making sure that their products are made from materials that do not harm the environment, such as the lack of certain chemicals. They have also a recycling program, which until recently required the user to pay $30 if they sent in a product for recycling, or for free if they bought a Mac at the same time.

Juicy Couture Yorkie iPod speakers
I’m not sure what exactly it is about small dogs that seems to attract the wealthy (think Paris Hilton) but it appears that luxury fashion brand, Juicy Couture, has released a set of speakers in the shape of a Yorkie, which will definitely be cheaper than owning an actual dog and it probably does things your dog can’t.

Bluelounge MiniDock turns wall sockets into iPhone docks
Hate having to deal with wires, especially when it comes to charging your iOS devices? You could always invest in a dock. But most of the time, the docks themselves have wires that you need to take care of as well so it’s not really an alternative solution. And until they come up with completely wireless charging, wires are going to be part of life, especially for gadgets.