There are plenty of iOS speaker docks around and speaker systems for the Mac, just walk into any Apple store or Apple reseller and you’ll know what I mean, but more variety can’t hurt right? If the offerings at the moment aren’t to your fancy, XtremeMac has just announced four new audio systems that have been tailored for iOS and Mac owners in mind.

They are the Tango Bar, Luna Voyager II, Soma Stand and Soma Travel. The Tango Bar, as the name implies, is a sound bar that has been design to fit nicely under the monitor of your iMac computer. It includes two tweeters, mid-ranged drivers and passive bass radiators and it can apparently connect to a discrete subwoofer for that added oomph.

The Luna Voyager II is an alarm clock and you will be able to hook your iPad up to it. It also pairs with the Luna Voyager iOS app that lets you set both alarms, tune the FM radio and select your presets.

The Soma Stand is a bit of unique design, featuring a tent-like design that folds out as pictured above. It can either be powered by an AC adapter or batteries, claiming 6 hours worth of continuous playback.

Last but not least is the Soma Travel which is a bar shaped speaker system and is powered by neither AC or batteries, but instead it relies on your iOS device’s battery. The dock can be pulled out and pushed back in for traveling and conserving space. As the name implies it was designed for traveling, so you may want to make sure your iOS device is fully charged least you find your phone out of battery.

No word on pricing but they are said to be made available this October, so if any of these speakers have caught your fancy, be sure to keep an eye out for them on XtremeMac’s website.

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