There are iPhone speaker docks, and then there are iPhone speaker docks like Jean Michel Jarre’s 11-foot tall AeroDreamOne iOS speaker dock. Yes, you read that right, an iPhone speaker dock that’s 11-feet tall! The bad news is that if you were hoping to get this for your living room, not only would you require a really high ceiling, but you would also require about $560,000 to pay for it.

The AeroDreamOne weighs 870 pounds and features 10,000 watts of total power output with a five-channel amp inside of it. Broken down, the bottom mounted subwoofer outputs a total power of 4,000 watts alone, paired with with two mid-ranged speakers at 1,600 watts each and two high-ranged speakers pumping out 1,400 watts.

We’re guessing not only will this generate immense volumes, but will come with an electricity bill to match! It will come with a ladder that you will have to climb to dock your iOS device, and will come in chrome, black or white. Like we said earlier, the AeroDreamOne will set you back $560,000 but if you’re looking for something completely unique, this could very well be it.

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