Yes sir, don’t look so surprised. Sometimes, hardware manufacturers tend to stash away an Easter egg somewhere just to tease users, and it is also a good marketing ploy since something like this will definitely stoke the interest of the purchasing public. The iRiver Story HD is one of those devices, sporting a Web browser inside, but you will need to jump through a fair number of hoops and perform tricks before the Web browser can launch. To satisfy your interest, read on.

First of all, you will need to navigate to the first Help page that is located within the eBookstore, and checking out the list of links located across the top, you will realize that the ‘Books’ link will send you over to

Over there, you can make the jump to, which more or less unleashes the power of the Internet – although not the full one, in your hands. There isn’t any address bar in there, so you can’t enter whatever URL you fancy, but you are able to enjoy basic functions such as Refresh, Back and Forward. Would something like this make you part with your money for the iRiver Story HD?

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