Lyumo M31 Shining and M41 Revolve portable media players

Lyumo is part of the iRiver group, where it has just rolled out a couple of 4GB portable media players in the form of the M31 Shining and M41 Revolve. The former as seen above comes with an integrated USB connector and supports both MP3 and WMA file formats, while the M41 Revolve sports a 1.7″ display alongside MP3 and WMA audio and AVI video file formats, while offering Microsoft PlayFX and PureBass capability as well. Sounds pretty cookie cutter, but 1.7″ of viewing real estate on a portable media player isn’t going to get anyone running to the store anytime soon we presume. Ah well, perhaps folks in Japan think differently, which is why it is being released in that part of the world.

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