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How to fix ‘JavaScript Void 0’ error on Windows 10
At some point in time, while using your browser to access a web page,  you might have encountered the error “JavScript Void 0”. You should note that Java and JavaScript aren’t the same. So, installing Java on your system will not help fix the problem.

Disney And Introduces Javascript In Star Wars Flavor
You simply cannot get enough of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Well, get in line, buddy, as there are plenty more people just like you. It looks like Star Wars is about to get a whole lot geekier this time around, where Disney has teamed up with in order to introduce a Star Wars oriented introductory Javascript course. These lessons will see the coder on a mission to guide […]

How To Enable JavaScript (Major Browsers)
Many websites use JavaScript to provide user friendly and attractive web page, instead of a static page. Most of the interactive content you see on many modern websites are added using JavaScript. Although, it can be quite attractive and make it easy to use the web page, but still, it depends on browser’s settings whether you can see this content or not.JavaScript can be easily enabled or disabled in your […]

Geeksphone Keon And Peak Firefox OS Smartphones Expected To Go On Sale Tomorrow
Mozilla’s Firefox OS is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, it was initially dubbed as the Boot to Gecko project, before being formally announced as the company’s offering for the global smartphone market. Designed for low-end devices, a preview was shown back at Mobile World Congress on a Dreamfone running this new operating system. Reportedly the first two Firefox OS based smartphones are going on sale tomorrow, developed by a Spanish startup called Geeksphone, […]


New JavaScript technology will speed up Firefox 18
JavaScript is being used by an increasingly greater number of websites. Mozilla Firefox 18 is set to be a speedier platform for such sites. The Mozilla team is claiming that it is including a new JavaScript technology in its upcoming browser release which will help it load sites using JavaScript up to 26 percent faster.The new technology that will be a part of Firefox 18 is IonMonkey which is a […]

O’Reilly Fluent Conference - The Business of JavaScript - May 29-31, SF
At the O’Reilly Fluent Conference, happening in San Francisco May 29-31, 2012, you’ll make sense of the vast explosion of JavaScript and related technologies and take away practical skills you can apply immediately. Fluent gives developers working with JavaScript a place to gather and learn from each other. From the moment the conference starts, you’ll be immersed in JavaScript and see the best of JavaScript, HTML5, and Web technologies.Ubergizmo is […]

Command & Conquer coded in HTML5
Remember the classic RTS known as Command & Conquer? Well, an enterprising coder, Aditya Ravi Shankar, actually recreated the strategy game using nothing but HTML5, where it runs on 69k of Javascript. Why did he set out on such an adventure? For starters, Shankar’s attempt was a self-mandated undertaking in order to improve his coding skills, where he gave himself a one month window to rebuild the game in the […]

Paypal Hack: Javascript hacking intercepts PayPal information
It seems that there is a new JavaScript hacking tool hanging around that is capable of intercepting your PayPal account, not to mention other supposedly “secure” sessions. This coming Friday, two security researchers will work to deliver a hacking tool that is said to be able to decrypt secure Web requests to sites by utilizing the Transport Layer Security 1.0 protocol and SSL 3.0.Basically, the hacking tool enables either a […]

Aliyun OS is Alibaba's new mobile platform
With many considering Alibaba to be the Google of China and even launching their own mobile payment services, AliPay, we have to admit that seeing them launch their very own mobile operating system really did not come as big a shock as we would have imagined. Dubbed Aliyun OS, it will be launched on China’s K-Touch Cloud-Smart Phone W700 by the end of this month although no specifics were given […]

Windows 8 Interface: Not Friendly to Windows Developers
Microsoft showed off its latest incarnation of the Windows operating system last week, and it was mostly received warmly by the public. People thought the new user interface and tablet experience were appealing, and a welcome change from the previous and current generation of Windows. But like most things, there are always downsides to everything.In this case – the new user interface for the new Windows apps comes with a […]

Doom is now playable on your web browser
Fans of the first person shooter that revolutionized the gaming industry, Doom, will be please to know that they can still play the game on their current computers. And they won’t have to worry about running DOS emulators or getting Windows to work in compatibility modes: a developer named Alon Zakai has managed to port the game over to the web browser.The game’s source code was compiled to JavaScript from […]

JavaScript Game Boy emulator
The Nintendo Game Boy might have been discontinued for many years now, but that doesn’t mean the portable console lacks any love. No sir, Imran Nazar has decided to use his rather extensive programming know-how to build a Game Boy emulator using nothing but JavaScript – in an effort to showcase the progress of the language to date, including the kind of wonders that HTML5’s canvas tag is able to […]

Twitter onMouseOver JavaScript Affecting
If you’re a user that accesses Twitter via the website you might want to take note of a rather serious JavaScript exploit that has affected the site at the moment. The JavaScript onMouseOver exploit means that if you hover your mouse over a specially crafted tweet, it will be able to redirect your browser to a website that contains malicious code, or in some cases, adult websites. The good […]

MeeGo trounces Android 2.2 in JavaScript rendering
While we know that Android 2.2 owns iOS4 where JavaScript is concerned, along goes the Aava MeeGo development platform which goes one up on Android 2.2, achieving compared to 5795 ms (lower is better). Of course, this could be partly due to the 1.5GHz Intel Moorestown processor, although a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor is already in the works which could very well draw future tests level, or perhaps tip it […]