Doom browser

Fans of the first person shooter that revolutionized the gaming industry, Doom, will be please to know that they can still play the game on their current computers. And they won’t have to worry about running DOS emulators or getting Windows to work in compatibility modes: a developer named Alon Zakai has managed to port the game over to the web browser.

The game’s source code was compiled to JavaScript from C using Emscripten and Clang and optimized with Closure Compiler. If you’d like to find out more about the technical details etc, just head over to the project’s web page and you can get the source code from here. If you have no interest in finding out what happened behind the scenes, you can just play the game right here. It requires Firefox or Safari to run though, according to its details page.

With games like Doom now playable on the browser, I wonder what other games will make the transition in the future?

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