fitbit-charge-statementWhen we think of fitness wearables, there is a good chance you might be thinking of brands such as Jawbone or Fitbit. Both companies are considered to be rivals in the fitness wearables space and it looks like Jawbone is unhappy with the way Fitbit has been conducting themselves. The company has recently filed a lawsuit against Fitbit, claiming that they have been poaching Jawbone’s employees.

At the same time, they are also claiming that these employees brought over sensitive company materials over to their competitor. Jawbone goes as far as saying that Fitbit has “systematically” plundered confidential material over the years, and has put into place “clandestine efforts” in which they would then “steal talent, trade secrets and intellectual property.”

In fact this year alone, Jawbone claims that Fitbit made the effort to reach out to 30% of Jawbone’s workforce where five workers were ultimately persuaded to join Fitbit, with “each of them bringing along access to, and intimate knowledge of, key aspects of Jawbone’s business and the future direction of the market and its business.”

In the meantime while Fitbit has yet to respond to these allegations, Jawbone is asking for both financial damages as well as a court ruling to prevent the former employees from using the information that they have taken.

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