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President Trump Reportedly 'Obsessed' With Going After Amazon
As the world’s richest man, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will certainly have many friends in high places, but it appears that he and his company has a detractor in the highest office in the United States. According to a new report, President Donald Trump wants to “go after” the online retail giant with one sourcing even claiming that he’s “obsessed” with Amazon.

Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth Crosses $100 Billion
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos already became the richest person on the planet after trading the envious place with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates a few times earlier this year. However, his net worth has now skyrocketed to a level that has previously been attained by Gates only. According to a new report, Jeff Bezos’ net worth broke the $100 billion barrier earlier this week. That’s 100,000,000,000 dollars, just in […]

Bill Gates Is No longer The World's Richest Person, Jeff Bezos Is
Microsoft co-founder and ex-CEO Bill Gates has long been considered to be the richest person in the world. He’s certainly one of the richest men alive right now but he has only held the spot formally since 2013. It appears that he now has to make way for another tech titan to claim the spot from him. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is now the richest man on this […]

Amazon CEO Makes Big Screen Debut With Star Trek Beyond
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is many things, but most know him as the founder of the online giant and as one of the richest people on the planet. When you’re one of the richest people on the planet you can do some things that the average person can’t, such as get yourself a part in an iconic Hollywood franchise. Bezos, who is not particularly famous for his acting chops, is […]


Amazon Might Launch A Wearable Device In The Future
Amazon has grown into much more than what it started out as. It’s no longer just an online portal to buy books from. The company makes several different kinds of hardware including its popular Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire tablets, and the surprisingly popular Echo smart devices. It has never launched a wearable device but the company isn’t completely discounting the possibility just yet. Amazon might come out with a wearable […]

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Offers To Blast Donald Tump To Space
Republican presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump is known for getting into trouble, saying things that he shouldn’t say and even tweeting things that he shouldn’t. His tweets have caused many a controversy, so much so that Saturday Night Live did a sketch just on his tweets when he was hosting, and Trump is back at it. He took some swings at Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who in turn […]

Amazon Founder's Space Company Successfully Lands Reusable Rocket
Like his Tesla counterpart Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also happens to have a space company, Blue Origin is his private spaceflight company, and today Bezos revealed that this company has done something that Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been trying to do for the past year and that’s successfully landing a reusable rocket.

Amazon Prime Members Get Free Digital Access To The Washington Post
Amazon continues to add more value to Prime subscriptions, which started out with the promise of providing free two-day delivery to people who were willing to pay $99 per year. Now that same subscription provides members with access to a plethora of content through Amazon’s music and video streaming services and much more. Given that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos happens to own The Washington Post it was only a matter of […]