Amazon has grown into much more than what it started out as. It’s no longer just an online portal to buy books from. The company makes several different kinds of hardware including its popular Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire tablets, and the surprisingly popular Echo smart devices. It has never launched a wearable device but the company isn’t completely discounting the possibility just yet. Amazon might come out with a wearable device at some point in the future.

Many of Amazon’s hardware products have been a successor, look no further than the Kindle e-readers, but the company has had some failures along the way as well. The Fire Phone flopped badly and Amazon hasn’t made another smartphone since.

The fact that it did make a smartphone goes to show that the company is not shy about entering into a new hardware market where it believes there’s potential to succeed.

Wearables are all the rage these days, it seems like every tech company is making one, so naturally, Amazon gets asks about its intentions. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was asked about this at the Code Conference today, and while he declined to detail the company’s future roadmap, he didn’t exactly deny the possibility that an Amazon wearable could be a thing one day.

That’s all we’re going to hear from Amazon on the matter, at least for now. It may or may not make one, but at least it’s not ruling out the possibility completely.

Perhaps it might start off by launching a smartwatch that has its powerful digital assistant Alexa baked in, but that won’t be a first because there’s already a smartwatch that does have Alexa living inside it.

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