Like his Tesla counterpart Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also happens to have a space company, Blue Origin is his private spaceflight company, and today Bezos revealed that this company has done something that Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been trying to do for the past year and that’s successfully landing a reusable rocket.

Both companies have been working on reusable rockets in a bid to drive down costs associated with sending missions up into space, however the process has been a long way, and success doesn’t come easy. Just ask SpaceX which is yet to do what Blue Origin has now done.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard is the first rocket that has gently landed back on Earth after being launched into space, it has remained intact throughout the entire journey, which means that the same rocket can now be used for future missions.

It’s a big moment for Blue Origin and Bezos thought that this was the perfect reason for him to send out his first tweet, even though he made his Twitter account seven years ago, Bezos called the reused rocket “the rarest of beasts,” adding that controlled landing is not easy but if it’s done right it can look easy. Lucky for us his tweet included a link to the video showing New Shepard achieving this marvelous feat.

Even though SpaceX has not yet been able to perform this Musk doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings, he tweeted congratulations to Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origins team for the achievement.

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