jvc kids headphonesGiving kids a pair of headphones might not be the best idea. Not only can they potentially ruin them by being rough with them, but there is a chance that they can damage their hearing as they don’t know what volume levels are safe for them. Maybe they think it’s funny to have it blasting on full, only for it to have damaged their ears.

The good news is that parents looking to give their kids headphones is that JVC has you covered. The company has recently announced several pairs of headphones which have been designed for kids in mind, including the JVC HA-KD3 and the JVC HA-KD1. So what are headphones designed for kids?

Basically these headphones are more comfortable and comes with a volume limiter to prevent sound levels from going too high. They also come in bright colors and also come with stickers so that kids can decorate and personalize their own headphones. The HA-KD3 will be a pair of on-ear headphones, while the HA-KD1 will be a pair of earbuds.

They are priced at $14.95 for the earbuds and $19.95 for the on-ear headphones and are available for purchase starting from today. So parents who want to give their kids safe and fun headphones, these are relatively inexpensive options worth checking out.

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