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'Yeezy Sound' Might Be Kanye West's Music Streaming Service
It appears that Kanye West might be getting in on the music streaming game. Following a strained relationship with Jay Z’s Tidal which saw West terminate his exclusivity deal with the streaming service, it seems that West has decided to launch his own music streaming service. A new trademark request on behalf of West has been discovered, West is apparently looking to trademark “Yeezy Sound.”

Kanye West Calls On Apple To Buy Tidal
Rapper Kanye West is popular for a variety of reasons, one of them being the tweet storms we often witness from him. The latest isn’t aimed at any celebrity, it’s actually aimed at Apple. The rapper called on Apple to buy Tidal, the fledging music streaming service owned by his friend and rap mogul Jay-Z. It merits mentioning here that there have been rumors about Apple mulling a possible acquisition […]

First Album To Top The Charts Through Streaming Belongs To Kanye West
The Life of Pablo, Kanye West’s new album, had a bit of an unorthodox release. There were delays and constant name changes before the singer decided on this moniker and released it as a Tidal exclusive. It now holds an unorthodox record. This is the first album to top the Billboard charts even though it derives the bulk of its sales from streaming.

Kanye West's Life Of Pablo Now On Spotify And Apple Music
At the end of last week, there were some rumbles on the newswires concerning Kanye West and his brand of music, especially revolving around the exclusivity of his albums on the streaming service Tidal, never mind the fact that a couple of his singles from that album have already made their way to other music streaming services like Spotify, Rhapsody, Soundcloud and Apple Music. Well, it looks like the whole […]


Kanye West's Latest Album Coming Soon To Spotify And Apple Music
Kanye West’s latest album was launched as a Tidal exclusive. Soon after the launch, the singer declared that his album will only be available exclusively from Tidal and won’t be available through any other service. A couple of days ago one track from the album titled The Life of Pablo was made available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify, and a new report claims that the entire album will […]

Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ To Arrive On Rhapsody And Soundcloud Go?
“Never say never”, and “famous last words” would be two very phrases that are extremely applicable to Kanye West, after the music superstar boasted that one will never, ever be able to obtain his latest studio album known as ‘The Life of Pablo’ on anywhere else other than music streaming service Tidal. Well, perhaps that boast might hold true as an album on the whole, but one can already pick […]

Kanye West Ditches CD Format
When the name Kanye West comes up, you know for sure that it is never too far from the spotlight. It looks like he has made a statement over Twitter (which you can check out right after the jump) that seems to indicate that he will no longer roll out new material on CDs. Yup, he is more or less done with the time honored medium in which generations of […]

Kanye West Allegedly Uses Pirate Bay
Day 3 — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) March 2, 2016 Well, well, what do we have here? Isn’t it ironic that Kanye West is considering legal action on pirates of his latest album which was released as an exclusive on Tidal (which incidentally, is a company that South Korean conglomerate Samsung would like to purchase), when he has tweeted a photo that you can see above, showing him using Pirate […]

Kanye West's Album Pirated 500,000 Times
Kanye West is a pretty big superstar, and for certain quarters, he might seem to be too full of himself, as opinions differ from person to another. With his latest album, “The Life of Pablo” debuting on Tidal exclusively for a week, West then tweeted that the album would be a Tidal exclusive for what seems to be forever. The release of his album also saw Tidal make the jump […]