kanye-westKanye West is a pretty big superstar, and for certain quarters, he might seem to be too full of himself, as opinions differ from person to another. With his latest album, “The Life of Pablo” debuting on Tidal exclusively for a week, West then tweeted that the album would be a Tidal exclusive for what seems to be forever. The release of his album also saw Tidal make the jump to the top of the iTunes App Store charts over in the US, going to show just how popular he is. With all the popularity surrounding him, it looks like he is also the target of unscrupulous quarters, as his album is said to have been pirated half a million times to date.

Illegally downloaded since its Thursday release, the half a million figure is an estimate by website TorrentFreak. Despite being mentioned that the album would never be for sale and is available only via Tidal which requires a subscription fee to use, it is already the most popular music download on The Pirate Bay, with “Kanye West” being a popular search term on other torrent websites, too.

Harvard University’s Lumen Database did mention that a minimum of 19 copyright complaints have already been forwarded to Google by the Recording Industry Association of America concerning the illegal uploads. Nothing is sacred or seemingly impossible in the digital age, but great job to West for breaking new frontiers with his latest album!

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